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Predicting the Unpredictable: The Signals of Impending Doom

Hindsight is always 20/20 with crisis management. We see things we could have done better to resolve the unimaginable scenarios […]

A New Weapon In A Dangerous Time — Fighting Fake News During The Coronavirus Crisis

Fake news is bad enough in the best of times, but in the face of a global pandemic it can […]

Analysis and Review of the State of Cyber Security in the US Government

Each year the US President delivers an address to Congress, televised around the world, that has come to be known […]

Several State Government Websites Hit by Cyber Attack

Every day, we see new cyber attacks being targeted at a multitude of different organizations and entities. The specific goals […]

Cyber Security in the Healthcare Industry: Should the Government Intervene?

What do you want your doctor to be concerned about?  The latest diagnostic technology.  The best treatment for your medical […]

Internal Documents and Personal Records Compromised in North Carolina State Government Breach

State governments can hold highly personal and confidential information which needs to be protected.  Not only do they have data […]

“National Guard” for Cyber Security Could Bridge Gap Between Government and Technology

Tech is a hot field.  Some of the areas with the biggest projected job growth, where innovation and excitement are […]

Australian Government & Travel Insurance Sites Face Data Hacks

Aussie Travel Cover, one of Australia’s leading travel insurers, was compromised in an illegal data breach incident, which exposed data […]

Chinese Government Allegedly Spying On Apple iCloud Users In The Country

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently expressed his joy over iPhone 6 going on sale in China, but it looks like […]