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Analysis and Review of the State of Cyber Security in the US Government

Each year the US President delivers an address to Congress, televised around the world, that has come to be known […]

Instagram Hacked: Why You Need to Care More About Security Than Likes

If you haven’t updated your Instagram app, go ahead and do that now. The vulnerabilities we are about to discuss […]

Cyber Threats Rising Concern for Media Industry in 2017

The media industry is accustomed to a fast pace. Those who stream their entertainment want wider bandwidth. Film releases now make […]

HBO Suffers Cyber Attack Resulting in Leaked Game of Thrones Script

The media and entertainment industry tends to be quite a frequent target for cyber attackers. Not only can they steal […]

Large Media Network Al-Jazeera Media Being Barraged By Cyber Attacks

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, media and entertainment organizations can be large targets for cyber attackers. This industry includes […]

Popular Video Game Studio’s Files Being Held Hostage by Hackers

Hackers have continued to target increasing numbers of different organizations and industries. They have recently been hitting various institutions related […]

The Entertainment Industry: The Major Cyber Threats Happening in 2017

Cyber threats and attacks are just as prevalent in the entertainment industry as any other sector. In fact, people in […]

United Talent Agency Suffers Malware Attack, Rumored Ransom

Various types of information in regard to the entertainment industry has been targeted over the years by cyber attackers.  One […]

Forget Antivirus Protection: Why You Should Focus on Whitelisting

Whitelisting has been around since the days of dial-up, but you might not be using it.  It’s the answer to […]