Reputation Management

Couple Executive Presence And Mindfulness Builds Leadership Qualities

Executive presence is the spirit that wafts into the room alongside a good boss. It is the air of leadership, confidence, and authority embodied by someone in full command of their executive prowess.

Donald Trump: How Ignoring All Reputation Management Rules Has Kept His Following Strong

Reputation is everything for brands, businesses and celebrities alike. This is what sets them apart from their competitors. It can be equated to goodwill with consumers and is a valuable, intangible asset.

The Power of Media Placements in Internet Public Relations

As a young girl, I always knew who my role models were because they were always being talked about, so they became permanently stuck in my head as my idols. Thinking back now, it wasn’t just people whose names were repeated all the time; there were brands too.

Managing Your Online Reputation in The Travel Industry

Internationally, the travel and hospitality industry generates nearly 7.6 trillion dollars per year. That’s a lot. If you work in these spaces, your online reputation is could be at stake.

Pay to Remove Reputation Management – How it works

When I first met Gary (Real name changed for privacy reasons) he was in the typical scenario all business owners find themselves in when dealing with a case of internet defamation.