Reputation Management

How To Address Online Video Slander & Reclaim Your Reputation

Slander is a term used to define oral defamation. In the online world, you may deal with a number of slanderers, who communicate untrue things about your company to an audience in an attempt to damage your reputation.

Lessons From The Starbucks Campaign Disaster

Starbucks, like Apple, usually has campaigns that are a huge hit. Like Apple, Starbucks is not without controversy, but in most ways, their campaigns make a significant impact in their target demographic.

Be Careful Of The Streisand Effect While Fixing Your Online Image

In 1998, Mario Costeja Gonzalez was forced to sell his property due to social security debts. The sale of this property was reported by the government on its website.

The Changing Legal Landscape Of Hate Speech & Content

In the legislative world, the Internet is still a newcomer. It’s challenging to figure out how laws intended to apply to real-world behavior should apply to online activity.

4 Key Strategies To Effectively Deal With Negative Publicity

As an SME or a large organization in any industry, negative publicity can damage your business reputation and cost you clients, yet it’s one of the caveats of being open to the public.