Reputation Management

Online Complaints vs Slander: What’s the Difference?

Slanders comments. Libel. Complaints.  Loss of face.  Sullied name.  There are lots of terms for possible defamation of you or your business.  Here’s your guide for deciphering the terms and assessing the damage.

Ripoff Report 101: Addressing and Removing Them

As any small business owner can tell you, negative word of mouth and bad reviews can kill your business. But finding your name on the Ripoff Report: devastating. The good news is, you can address (and even remove!) a ripoff report. Here are the steps:

5 Steps to Removing Defamatory & Anonymous Online Reviews

The digital age has been a game changer for business: from online and overseas sales, to virtual shops and even email, American commerce has dramatically altered in the last 20 years. In just the last few years another major change occurred: online reviews through agencies such as Yelp and Google Places.

Reputation & Your Nonprofit

In your nonprofit, as in all businesses, the tiniest whiff of a juicy rumor can cause a snowball. In a for-profit business, these snowballing reputation issues can cause a reduction in sales, a possible boycott, and even in some cases, issues with vendors or suppliers.

How To Address Online Video Slander & Reclaim Your Reputation

Slander is a term used to define oral defamation. In the online world, you may deal with a number of slanderers, who communicate untrue things about your company to an audience in an attempt to damage your reputation.