Stop Trying to Be in The News – Make it Yourself

In a time when smartphones are ubiquitous and everyone has a potentially limitless reach to the rest of the world, the businesses that best collate the news from on-the-ground experts will reign supreme.

Think about Bob, the fisherman seeing the effects of a local flood or a red tide encroaching on his fishing grounds. In the past, news outlets were the only ones who had the resources to interview that fisherman and get his story out to the public. Now, however, Bob has a smartphone and an internet connection, and he’s able to post his account to any social media outlet himself.

This rapid democratization is already happening, and it spells doom for traditional news outlets that have acted as the middlemen for centuries. With the plethora of platforms available, anyone who aspires to be an expert now has the means to get their knowledge to the masses.

It’s easy to point out the problems with democratized news, especially the ones we’re seeing now, such as widespread misinformation from dubious sources. However, with the advent of blockchain technology, new platforms can vet their expert voices’ bona fides to ensure that only those qualified to educate are doing so.

Google has already been thinning the herd when it comes to vetting trustworthy sources for its top results for quite some time. Doubtless, these techniques and algorithms will continue to become more fine-tuned to ensure the highest quality contributors are the ones publishing news.

The savvy business leader recognizes that this democratization is a certainty. Very soon, keeping up with the times will mean visiting the platform that does the best job of presenting news reported by the experts.

However, what’s to stop executives from crafting their own news? Nothing.

Organizational leaders, particularly those who have spent the time necessary to cultivate a following, are in a prime position to take advantage of this flattening of the source-to-consumer news distribution model. People deserve to hear from industry experts, and it’s those voices with the skill, wisdom, and experience that can be trustworthy news sources for years to come.

People are eager to get their news from successful people in the industry, not journalists who put a spin on the words of others’ success stories. In this new world of information, the leaders who establish themselves as experts are the authoritative voices on the cutting edge of the news cycle.

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