7 Thought Leaders Worth Following on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to hone your own publishing craft or learn from battle-tested leaders, authentic thought leadership content is a powerful source of inspiration – and LinkedIn is a great resource to discover those insights.

However, with more than 756 million members worldwide, there are a lot of voices.

So, the question is:

Who is worth following?

Here are nine cross-industry leaders who are raising the thought leadership bar – and are absolutely worth a follow:

1. Dorie Clark

About: Keynote speaker, marketing strategist, and executive coach who teaches at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.
Followers: 199,421
Thought Leadership ExampleHow to Futureproof Your Career

Why I follow Dorie:
A regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, Dorie is an executive coach that helps business leaders grow. She also publishes weekly newsletters with advice for professionals on solutions to real-life business challenges.

2. Mickey Mikitani

About: CEO, Rakuten
Followers: 1,266,020
Thought Leadership ExampleAlways be curious and ambitious: Inside insights on Business-Do

Why I follow Mickey:
Great leaders ask the right questions. Mickey does an exceptional job exploring a simple yet powerful word: “Why?”

3. Jeff Weiner

About: Executive Chairman, LinkedIn
Followers: 10,746,787
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Why I follow Jeff:
As the Executive Chairman and former CEO of LinkedIn, that’s a pretty good reason to follow him right there. However, Jeff publishes actionable advice, relevant to cross-industry professionals, that keeps you coming back.

4. Katya Andresen

About: Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Capital One
Followers: 1,269,187
Thought Leadership ExampleSameness, elitism and culty culture: three signs you’re working in an echo chamber

Why I follow Katya:
Katya provides actionable insights into career management, business culture, and how to manage high-performing teams.

5. Jeff Bullas

About: CEO, JeffBullas.com
Followers: 42,198
Thought Leadership ExampleHow to Turn Your Employees Into Company Advocates On Social Media

Why I follow Jeff:
There’s a reason Forbes dubbed Jeff as “the world’s top social marketing talent.” His unique insights are supported by research that carries relevancy to cross-industry readership.

6. Ryan Holmes

About: Chairman, Co-Founder, Hootsuite
Followers: 1,721,419
Thought Leadership ExampleHow Do We Save Social Media? I Want Your Ideas!

Why I follow Ryan:
Ryan Holmes provides pioneering commentary and thought leadership articles about how to better leverage social media in business. His biweekly newsletter, Tech and Work, has more than 32,000 subscribers.

7. David Edelman

About: Executive Advisor & Former CMO of Aetna/CVS
Thought Leadership ExampleYou Can’t Be Customer-Centric If You Can’t See the Journey
Followers: 1,131,302

Why I follow David:
David’s thought leadership content centers on a growth mindset. Both insightful and inspirational, he demonstrates how leaders can drive companies while doing the right thing for those around them.

Insight and Inspiration

In a world of content saturation, the average reader has evolved to higher standards and able to sift through the noise. Maintain a high standard when searching for expert thought leadership content – ensuring that the author is authentic, genuine, and actionable – these nine leaders are a great starting point.

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