What Is an Executive Influencer (and How Can You Become One)?

If you’re at the top of your game and need a new challenge for 2021, it’s time to become an executive influencer.

Executive influencers are business leaders who impact dialogue on a large scale, often through leveraging social media, press, and authorship. They’re the executives who are using their vast experience, training, intellect, and knowledge to build a reputation as an industry leader while at the same time helping and inspiring others through their insights. When executive influencers talk, the business world listens.

Here are a few proven steps to start establishing yourself as the go-to source for insights in your chosen niche:

1. Choose your platform — different platforms are better suited to different styles and industries.
2. Choose your niche — identify what you love to do and focus on that.
3. Be unique — authenticity is key to building a solid reputation.
4. Create a social strategy — build a strategy for creating content that will get you to the top of search algorithms.
5. Deliver the content — create useful, relevant content that gives value to your audience.
6. Expand your online network — partner with other executive influencers.
7. Engage your audience — thank them and encourage them to take action.
8. Track performance and be consistent — use key metrics to see what’s been successful, and keep at it.

If you’re ready to become an executive influencer this year, reach out to Massive Alliance. We can help you tackle these steps to turn your proven track record for excellence into real leadership.

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