The Internet Mob and the New Dark Age of Justice

Brook Zimmatore | November 4, 2020

There are few adversaries as faceless yet terrifying as the modern-day Internet mob — those anonymous faces in a virtual crowd that can destroy a brand’s reputation in a matter of days, the keyboard warriors that level and repeat accusations they often can’t corroborate.

They don’t care if their accusations end up being baseless and the victim is innocent of all charges. There’s a bloodlust involved when it comes to Internet mobs that simply can’t be satisfied; they’ll either continue to echo false accusations in an effort to justify their outrage or just move on to the next victim.

Is there a way for a brand to protect against such an insatiable creature?

Brands actually can take steps to safeguard their image online and protect themselves in the event that the internet mob sets its sights on them:

1. Create allies in the media.
2. Identify and avoid those media outlets who thrive off of bad news and altered facts.
3. Leverage every ounce of power you have to change the dialogue.
4. Attempt to appeal to the humanity of individuals in the internet mob.
5. Expose the source(s) of the lies.

There is nothing that will kill propaganda faster than a stream of truth pushed out in high volume. A company can’t wait on its heels to let the truth come out; it needs to take back control of the narrative and feed a steady stream of truth on whatever platform it’s being attacked. Caving to the mob doesn’t work either, and apologizing when there hasn’t been any wrongdoing is just admitting guilt — it won’t call off the mob.

If you’re concerned about being an unwitting target of the Internet mob, reach out.  Massive Alliance can help work through your online reputation management strategy and provide crisis assistance as well as help you plan for this contingency.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.