5 Tools to Monitor Cyber-Libel Online

Media Division | July 14, 2020

Nowadays, having a brand to uphold unfortunately means having to be on the constant lookout for cyber-libel. The anonymity the web provides means that any individual with a computer and a grievance can easily lie about a brand with almost no accountability, and that lie can reverberate around the world in a matter of hours.

Here are five effective tools that can pay dividends for online reputation management by alerting a company in almost real-time to incidents of cyber-libel:

1. Google Alerts

Very easy to set up, Google Alerts allows anyone to simply add the name of your company and any accompanying key words. When a new webpage pops up with those terms, Google Alerts will send a notification so the organization can act quickly to remove libelous content.

2. Mention.com

Mention bills itself more as a way for a company to monitor their industry and competitors, but it has a brand management division as well. They can help any company watch for libelous content and manage online crises with their simple automated reports.

3. Brand24.com

Brand24 is another online company that helps organizations monitor and manage their online reputation. Brand24 can even analyze sentiment trends to help tell if libelous content is gaining traction on social media or other types of sites. And, it sends automated reports detailing brand strength and customer perceptions.

4. SproutSocial.com

SproutSocial is designed more for social media outreach, but it can be a valuable tool for monitoring and analyzing social media trends and mentions for a company. Over 20,000 brands and companies use SproutSocial to manage their social media, and they use advanced artificial intelligence techniques to help companies identify potential future issues before they get out of control.

5. TalkWalker.com

Finally, TalkWalker is a platform that allows an executive to pull online reports of mentions and brand reputation and engagement in minutes. No more waiting for a once-a-week report that comes days after a cyber-libel incident has already caused a PR firestorm; TalkWalker can give a company the ability to monitor its online reputation at the click of a mouse.

Any of these websites can help an organization or executive with monitoring cyber-libel, an increasingly crucial component of a brand’s reputation management strategy. If you’re struggling with cyber-libel, Massive Alliance can help with both removing it and repairing your brand.

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