Your Business & the Contagion of Hysteria

Brook Zimmatore | June 24, 2020

Over the past 8 weeks we have seen the world become engulfed in an unprecedented understanding that an impending threat is soon to access every home, school, workplace and society—or, is already here.

Recently, a close friend of mine in Italy explained that he had to send his 620 employees home. Working in wholesale goods with dependancies on international shipments and bulk orders, business has gone dry. Like a true leader, he began dipping into company reserves to keep all employees on a reduced wage so they could cope, with hopes that they would weather the storm and of course save their business. But reserves are depleting fast.

hysterical contagion occurs when people in a group show signs of a physical problem or illness, when in reality there are psychological and social forces at work.”

It only takes a cursory glance to see who wins in this Environment of Threat. As a statistical reflection, the global intelligence platform, Resecurity, has had a 1,400% increase in cyber crime chatter and activity. Black markets are open for business, unrestricted, unwatched, unmonitored.

Retreat or Advance

The greatest teams, are fused together by mutual agreement. The “Virus of Hysteria” can be reverted the same way. It starts with you, me, our friends and acquaintances..

There are basically four responses people have during economic contractions—and only one that counts.

  • The Cheerleader Response: “I refuse to participate!”
  • The Old-School Response: “Nothing really has changed; let’s just get back to the basics.”
  • The Quitter Response: “There is nothing I can do, I just have to wait it out.”
  • Advance and Conquer: “Every resource you have goes to advance and conquer while others contract and retreat.”

There’s a way we can reverse this viral hysteria. It starts with me and this article and just saying:


How does one “disagree”. Get a bright idea, do something brilliant, close a new contract, engage your clients, overcome rejection and fear, do your job at peak performance, disagree with statements of huddling down and being inactive, work out a shipment, make the trade, help a friend, move forward with the hiring interview.

I will decide the world must go on. Then you decide it too. Get your associates and friends to decide it as well, so on and so on. We can ourselves, without being told that “everything is safe to continue” move forward and conquer.

Here are some ideas:

Anything which tells another that there is still confidence will help.

  • Tell your clients you are open for business and get some advanced orders.
  • Double your sales output.
  • Schedule interviews through the web.
  • Set up live streaming for longer, working sessions.
  • Get every remote worker to start promoting the company on social media and rallying for your company success.
  • Do some PR.
  • Overhaul your company website.
  • Get the next 8 weeks of blog articles and Press Releases ready and scheduled.
  • Tell Purchasing that you are moving forward with an order.
  • Buy stock.
  • Hire someone.
  • Upgrade your marketing material.
  • Design a personal, departmental or organizational 5-year plan.
  • Order from a local shop.
  • Ask a restaurant to purchase their supplies.
  • Encourage others to do the above.
  • [Share your idea with me]

It’s time to inspire action against the grain — start disagreeing…now.

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CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.