Preparing for internet attacks: 8-step Reputation Management Plan

Media Division | June 24, 2020

Without negating the obvious value, the internet can be a cold-hearted, unrelenting and unforgiving place. Like a bad wound, just one negative search result can fester and grow until it engulfs every aspect of your life and business. Your children wonder why they say such bad things about you, while your partner nervously deters people from searching Google. The business opportunities quietly fade into a deafening silence and an invisible shadow of judgement seems to infiltrate every conversation.

Here is a simple reputation program to adopt and implement, which has served us well here at Massive.

Get there first.

Where there is no information, the internet will surely fill the void for you.

Own your assets.

A brand or individual should own as many social and internet properties as they can. Securing authorship on mainstream media publications can help.

Keep your assets alive.

Constant management is key. It may seem time-intensive, but your relay of communication through all channels doubles as powerful marketing and brand tool.

Establish relationships with the social media giants.

Getting to know the right people or arbitration channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the others may save your bacon one day.

Establish social media and internet monitoring.

There are dozens of tools available to actively monitor the internet.

Know your enemies.

Yup, just keep a private little list. It may come in handy one day in identifying the source behind enemy-fueled attacks.

Have a situational crisis plan in place.

Commonly ignored, much like a fire drill, a series of protocols can be put into place with predesigned messaging in the moment of an internet crisis.

Make relationships with mainstream editors.

This is powerful. Where you had no voice you now do. Editor-friendlies can assist in getting an accurate story out in the moment of need.

There is no recourse on the internet. Only the energetically proactive survive the onslaughts it can bring.

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