The new roaring 20s of Brands

Brook Zimmatore | January 8, 2020

Every brand should reach for unprecedented exposure, reach, and communication over the next decade.


A better question is why not? Technology and globalization have already given us all the tools to make it happen — and what we do this year sets the pace for the next ten.

That said, being bigger, stronger, and louder only helps if we have the know-how to exercise control over how our brands are perceived.

A Harris Interactive survey told us that 80% of consumers won’t engage with a brand until after searching for the business on Google. And 92% of those consumers won’t buy or engage if there are negative results. It’s not exactly a surprise that if they see negative reviews or press releases dominating a brand’s digital real estate, they’ll think twice before making a purchase.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways those negative results can turn up, even when they’re completely undeserved; perpetually unsatisfied customers, disgruntled employees, and flat-out journalistic trolls can all make life difficult for brands. That’s where what we do comes in.

With the right tools (and people) for the job, it’s possible to mitigate threats — even serious ones — to a brand’s reputation.

So to kick off the roaring 20s in true style, I’d like to give you all some of this last decade’s best kept secrets in protecting your brand’s reputation.

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Massive discusses Reputation Management at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, London

Founded in 1911 by two salesmen in London, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in London has been home to many of the marketing Greats in the UK with recognition from the Prime Minister as the “reception place for successful businesses”.

The bottom line is that the reputation of a company, brand, or even yourself isn’t something you can just stick on the back burner while you tend to other aspects of business. Reputation is business.

How you and your brand are viewed is very often what will make or break you, so perception must be a priority at all times — and that’s not a scary prospect; it’s an empowering one.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.