10 Ways Nonprofits, Advocacy Groups and Political Campaigns Benefit from Media Monitoring

Nadia Munno | May 24, 2019

Media monitoring is an increasingly important part of nonprofit decision making, advocacy group marketing strategies and even political campaigns. Organizations and individuals now realize that information is power, especially in the digital age.

Information is more important than ever before, but simply gathering data is not enough. In order to be useful, that data must be carefully analyzed, and breaking through the noise to find a signal is what media monitoring is all about. Here are 10 ways media monitoring aids nonprofit agencies, advocacy groups and political campaigns.

  • Improving messaging – Getting the right message can be difficult, but media monitors work hard to make it easier for nonprofits, advocacy groups and political parties.
  • Adding intelligence – Marketing intelligence is not just for corporate America; nonprofit agencies and individual politicians can benefit just as much. By gathering and analyzing data, media monitoring firms identify patterns and guide future decision making.
  • Improve response time in a crisis – Politicians are all too familiar with public relations crises, but media monitoring can speed response times and candidates get ahead of the storm.
  • Recognize trends and patterns – The automated nature of media monitoring makes spotting trends and recognizing patterns easier, allowing individuals and institutions to act more quickly.
  • Midstream adjustments – Media monitoring allows companies and individuals to make adjustments, even in the middle of a campaign. This flexibility is an essential part of modern business – and modern politics.
  • More accurate profiling – Politicians rely on accurate voter profiles, while charities must identify their most lucrative donors. Media monitoring makes this possible, creating accurate profiles that get results.
  • Identifying influences – A wide variety of factors influence the typical political campaign, and nonprofit agencies struggle to identify the factors that drive donations. Media monitoring can identify the key influences that drive voters to the polls and make donors reach for their wallets.
  • Fostering personal relationships – Politicians must forge personal connections with the voters, while nonprofit agencies must connect with their donors. Media monitoring enhances those personal relationships, improving the return on investment.
  • Identifying leads – Leads are not just for business; political campaigns and nonprofit agencies rely on them too. With continual monitoring and data collection, media monitors help identify the most promising donors – and voters.
  • Fielding complaints – Nonprofit agencies and social service organizations are not immune from complaints, and letting them fester could be devastating. Media monitoring provides advance notice of complaints and other issues, so the agencies involved can work to resolve them.

Media monitoring is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations, social service agencies, advocacy groups and even political campaigns. With so many benefits, there is no reason not to include media marketing in your toolkit.

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Co-founder & President
Nadia is the President and co-founder of Massive Alliance. She is an international figure in reputation management and is best known for her rolodex of media influencers.