The Role of Effective Content Marketing in Public Relations

Nadia Munno | February 28, 2019

Despite substantial data to the contrary, there are those that still don’t believe in the use of content marketing. Research has shown that over 80% of customers prefer content marketing over most other forms marketing and yet there are those who object to it.

If you want to launch effective marketing campaigns, you need to pay attention to what methods can practically deliver your message and communicate to your audience. Content marketing can be a reliable and relatively inexpensive way to reach your audience and it can be a key part of your public relations campaign increasing your overall reach.

In the midst of the “content is king” revolution, we need to examine where PR fits in, how to integrate PR and the role of content marketing in PR.

The Relationship Between Content Marketing and PR

An increasing number of organizations have invested substantial amounts of time and energy into the creation of their content marketing strategies. More than the average, mundane campaigns based on little to no research, there have been enduring and highly planned campaigns launched in recent months.

The marketing professionals clearly understand the importance of using a well thought out content marketing and PR strategy to engage with their customer base. But more recently, we have seen a growing number of marketers use a much more hybrid-like system in their approach. The new “content PR” is becoming more prevalent every day.

Where PR was once considered an extension of PR, it is quickly becoming equally as important and implemented into more campaigns. No longer can you sit back and use PR when needed. Marketers are including a large PR strategy into campaigns from the start.

This new relationship illustrates an important point that is relevant to our main objective – getting more or better engagement. We all want more customers, we all want more sales. But in order to get them we need to engage with our audience and invoke action. PR can work to create a nice public image while content marketing can be used to tell the story of your brand. Working in tandem, we can create an overall message that communicates to more people and grows your audience.

A Change from the Push to the Pull Mentality

Traditionally, public relations was primarily focused on the “push” mentality – pushing the product out to the users. Today, content marketing is more of a “pull” mentality by supplying a steady volume of content about various problem-solving topics and explanations.

By incorporating content marketing into your PR campaign, you can broaden your reach via the spreading of your message by loyal fans and followers. Guiding the content and encouraging that it be shared has proven to be very effective. This “pull” mentality is truly different than the “push” viewpoint.

Engagement Matters

Audience engagement is imperative.

With so much information readily available and so much more being created by the second, you need to stand out in a big way. The best way get the eyes of your public is to communicate directly to and only to them. A personalized message to 100 people is more effective than a general one to 1,000 people. Speak directly to your audience and watch your engagement statistics soar.

How do you speak directly to your audience? You find out what they need or want. You survey them. And once you know the answers, you create a message that solves their problem.

Your survey results return “I want a better-tasting whey protein shake.”

Your promotion then becomes “Try Acme Whey Protein, it’s the better-tasting protein shake.”

The solution to their problem is now your product. And this simple exercise will now speak directly to that customer. He wants a better tasting whey protein, and you are telling him all about how your’s is exactly that.

The Need for Integration of Content Marketing and PR

In our crowded digital world, there are more people online and there is more content available than ever before. More of us are online and more of us are gaining access to the internet. With over 2.5 exabytes of data produced every day, it’s clear that the online world is flourishing.

It’s a crowded scene online with millions of advertisers competing for their audience’s attention. The integration of Content Marketing and Public Relations or “content PR” in your campaign can produce an entirely new level of success. You can capitalize on the combined efforts of PR and content marketing.

To take your campaigns to the next level, we recommend mixing some “content PR” into your marketing strategy right away. It’s clear to us that its use can be a great way to boost your audience engagement numbers and overall success.

Co-founder & President
Nadia is the President and co-founder of Massive Alliance. She is an international figure in reputation management and is best known for her rolodex of media influencers.