Do We Really Need An SEO Company?

Media Division | January 28, 2019

When it comes to online marketing, the gospel of “do your SEO right” is over used. That seems to be the golden rule for every business, especially the startups.

We can agree to the fact that Search Engine Optimization is really important to ensure your website and its pages are ranked high in search results.

Knowing how important this is, what comes next is hiring that professional SEO Expert or Company. That sounds like an easy solution until you find out how expensive it is to hire these guys.

As an owner of a startup business, how can you integrate this often overlooked expense into your business plan?

There are some things that can be done on your own to grow your business without hiring any SEO company or expert. You can advertise using traditional channels like mail, postcards or television advertisements.

I’ve researched some guidelines and tips that would help you save money and make you a better SEO expert and might help you save a little time and money.

Tips On Do-It-Yourself SEO for Startup Companies

Understand Your Online Customers

It’s easier to have a deep knowledge of who your offline customers are, but in the end, that’s not enough. Knowing who your potential online customers are is key to growing that online community. You need to study these online users. They hold the key to how big your online presence can be and how much online revenue you can generate.

One way to begin is to do online qualitative research, especially on the products and services you offer. Take note of the most prominent or highest ranked websites. Study their reviews carefully. Make notes. Pay attention to what they are saying and what customers are saying about them and their product and/or service.

Do Some Keyword Hunting

As a startup business owner who is looking to grow their online audience, it’s important for your to know how to do keyword research. This is a simple process wherein you determine the search results you want to advertise with so that when customers enter them into Google, they find your website in the results. In other words, these keywords are what you want to rank for.

Many professionals including the Vice President of the Internet Marketing for Egnyte, Achalu Narayanan, recommends using the GKP (Google Keyword Planner). It can be very helpful and it is absolutely free. To use it, all you need to do is input your website’s URL and analyze the keyword ideas you are provided with by Google. You should also use this to find your competitors and more importantly, locate the keywords that can be used to rank higher.

Build Your Own Website

By now, you may already know what you want on your site, including the keywords you want to be integrated into your site, so next you will need to hire a professional web developer who would help you design a functional, responsive website that would help you stand out. But, there is another way.

Learning to use WordPress or even Joomla may help you not only save money initially by saving on the development of your own website, but save money by eliminating the expenses incurred by the inevitable changes you may need to make to your site in the future. From changing or adding images to altering content, costs are involved, unless of course, you build the website yourself.

Be Consistent With Your Content

I wouldn’t visit your site again once I noticed that you still had the same content I saw on your site a month ago. It almost goes without saying that your site needs to have new, fresh content added to it periodically. Not only does Google reward websites for this, your visitors will stay interested in your site because it actually changes.

There  are  lots  of  social  networking  sites/platform  to  join  that  can  help  you  get  seen  by  the world. There are lots of them out there, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and of course, Pinterest. What they can do for you is act as a doorway to connecting you to your customers, other publishers and potential buyers of your product. Connecting with these people can be a major boost to growing your business.

Do-It-Yourself Public Relations

You have to tell a convincing story about your product and brand and let them (potential buyers) know what your brand/product stands for. Connect with Journalists, Social Media Influencers, and Bloggers who can help you with announcing your product to their audience.

Last but definitely not least is taking advantage of the social networks. The Social Network of today is the easiest way to advertise your product, so use it!

Ending  this  article  without  warning  and  showing  you  on  some  practices  that  attract  Google  Penalty, while trying to attract and get customers online. I must warn you not to do these things, even if you are trying to avoid paying an expensive fee for some services:

Finally, here are some practices to avoid in your quest to attract an audience online. These actions tend to invoke the power of the all-powerful Google Penalty robots which can punish your website severely. So, it is best never to do the following:

  • Manipulate backlinks
  • Have to many redirects for Googlebot
  • Create doorway pages
  • Use dry content
  • Use irrelevant content
  • Use unexplained advertisements
  • Have a non-responsive website

For Advanced SEO I would definitely recommend seeking help from the guys who are the experts at what they do.

In addition to this, if time is a constraint, do get a Digital Marketing Agency like Massive involved and rest assured that your Search Engine Ranking and Content Management is being handled by the best company in the SEO industry.

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