The Power of Media Placements in Internet Public Relations

Nadia Munno | May 22, 2018

As a young girl, I always knew who my role models were because they were always being talked about, so they became permanently stuck in my head as my idols. Thinking back now, it wasn’t just people whose names were repeated all the time; there were brands too. Just as searching something online has now become synonymous with “Googling it”, back in my childhood, brands became associated with everything. We used to hear the words Coca-Cola so much, that we started saying Coca-Cola whenever we had to signal for a carbonated drink, even if it wasn’t a Coke.

In the small town I lived in, Motorola always meant a phone, no matter what company the phone belonged to. Repeating a brand’s name just became permanently associated with a product, even if the product wasn’t of the brand. It was as if, no matter what we used, the brand was always on our minds, making us subconsciously prefer it over all others, causing us form our own (mostly positive) opinions about it.

Call this capitalism, public relations, hypnotism or whatever you want. The simple truth is, when you repeat a name over and over, it sticks. This is pretty much the industry media placements.

The below three key-words define the world for media placements. The goal of media placement firms is to promote clients and make them

  • Important!
  • Enterprising!
  • Relevant!

What does a good media placement company do?

  • Anticipate, analyze and interpret public opinion
  • Counsel management of their social responsibilities
  • Research and Evaluate the program of action for company events
  • Push for public policy change by planning and implementing organizations commitment to change

Connecting with clients

Connecting with clients, customers, giving bits of knowledge, or giving updates consistently can have a considerable effect. Using stages like Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and so forth, done effectively, will make a natural activity increment of potential clients an introduction. On the off chance that you create content that draws in the clients and offers a conversation starter or suggestion to take action, you can normally reinforce brand validity.

Presenting everyday stories on your Instagram that draw in clients, making short recordings exhibiting your items, or perhaps comical deals recordings are altogether straightforward things one can do. I for one know about a few organizations who have constructed their organizations on social stages this way.

What tools do they possess?

Among the many here are the crucial few:

  • Mastering Speechwriting
  • Writing firm pitches
  • Innovate special events designed for public outreach and media relations
  • Exhaustive market research on the firm or the firm’s messaging
  • Personal networking
  • Management of Blogs
  • Creating a crisis public relations strategy
  • Livid Social media promotions

The direct route to building a strong reputation!

Whether the need is to mitigate the damage or to maximize the positivity and the buzz, the right media placements make a difference.  The best media placement companies get your business’ name in front of the groups of people that matter most. Enhancing Brand recognition, they deliver the message that you want to be delivered. Talking commitment and industry contribution are for the most part extraordinary approaches to position yourself or your organization as a topic master and fabricate trust in your field.

The media placement pros know the best ways to pitch a story and to reach editors and reporters.  As they are not employees of the firm that hires them, they aim to give an honest, outsider view of the firm and the potential for what story ideas will work.

As public relations professional Robert Wynne stated in his article on Forbes:

“The relationship between client and agency should not be passive.  Clients should inform the agency what messages they would like to promote and make suggestions on where they would like to appear.  Very few stories make the front page of the New York Times, but with a media atmosphere that includes blogs, websites, TV shows, magazines, and other media that evolves every day, a good PR agency will help clients increase their visibility via increased recognition on as many respected editorial platforms as possible.  Long-term, public relations can be an investment in the brand and the visibility of a firm or individual that results in increased recognition and reputation.”

An active two-way engagement with a media placement firm is very likely to give you the optimum return on your investment.

The extraordinaire of media placements


You could spend the time finding the best 100 bloggers who write about your specific niche, but having someone else do this for you can save time, especially if they do it for a living and have access to tools to make it easier and faster.  Same things go for researching conferences, events, speaking opportunities, awards, etc.


Few people are social media and blogging experts, and if you hire the right media placement firm, they can help bring their expertise to your company.  Don’t let them do everything for you, make them train and educate your marketing team (not just marcom, product people too!) and executives about social media, blogging, how to comment on blogs, how to use Twitter and Facebook, etc.  Inbound Marketing relies on using your entire company for marketing and teaching people how to do it can be an excellent way for your PR firm to provide value.

Create & Publish Content

Media placement folks are experts at writing, and increasingly audio and video too.  Your media placement firm can help you figure out how to take your boring company announcement and craft it into an exciting story, even if it is not for a news release, it can be just for your company blog.

Your media placement firm can also interview employees, customers, and others and post videos on your blog or website, etc.  They do this stuff all the time (if they’re good) and might be able to do it better and faster than you can.

Pitching / Relationships

There are some times when a media placement firm does have relationships you don’t have, and times when that makes sense.  A lot of these relationships might be “old media,” but old media is still important to a lot of companies.

For instance, Business Week, Inc Magazine, and others will probably only cover you twice in the next 5 years (if you’re lucky), so does the writer want a “relationship” with you.  Probably not.  But a media placement firm brings lots of different clients to the table and having a relationship with the PR pro might make sense for the writer.


Good media placement folks will do a great job of monitoring all the right blogs, social networks and other conversations for relevant information.  They then should email you and tell you to respond, comment, or react to your blog as necessary.

Past these focuses, I likewise think there is usually said for the capacity for a PR firm to generally rapidly increase your abilities, while if you were doing things inside it may take a great deal longer to discover and prepare a beneficial inner individual. Try not to take this as a shining suggestion that everybody ought to go out and enlist a PR firm today. Be that as it may, I likewise don’t figure they ought to be a futile outlook on Media placements.

Building a Brand Image

Brand identity and the image is crafted after some time. You should actualize a few methodologies to help develop mark mindfulness and reinforce the brand. Smart media placements construct a strong web-based social networking nearness utilizing the majority of the proper channels to discuss specifically with the coveted target group of onlookers whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

The organization makes a PR system that gives arrangements in the correct stations, for example, exchange diaries, mass buyer productions, TV and print interviews. It builds up a substance promoting technique that recounts the story the organization needs to be imparted to its intended interest group.

It is advised to ensure your organization’s site and online notoriety coordinate the brand’s objectives. Additionally, guarantee your sites are portable and inquiry benevolent, stack rapidly, and contain various contact focuses on associating with customers.

While the companies have build monster reputations with their smart media placements, individual have made a notables entry as well.

Our great savior of the future – Mr Elon Musk

Elon Musk has enhanced his reputation. He is followed, recognized and admired. He has convinced people of his class and intellect. Elon Musk is revolutionizing transportation both on earth and in space. While he is doing it the power of media placements has built an irresistible image around him.

At the point when Elon Musk assembled his image, it wasn’t the principal car maker. It wasn’t even the first to put up an electric vehicle for sale to the public. So how could he catch our eye?

Most CEOs seek high-profile forms of media to build awareness of their brand, endlessly grinding in the message with TV budgets. Musk, on the other hand, reinvents his PR in the same way that he reinvented the electric car.

The truth of the matter is, Tesla is an intriguing idea in the first place. Be that as it may, overbuilding individual vehicles that drove like race autos, Musk utilized some promoting strategies that may have appeared to be outlandish.

As opposed to concentrating on what to TELL his clients and prospects, he concentrated on how the world saw his image for what he DID. Furthermore, the world was entranced by the Tesla mark.

Any organization, in any industry, can interest by applying these amazing market placement tactics.

One more apt example is Jeff Bezos

In his own words ‘If you cannot afford to be misunderstood, don’t do anything new or innovative.’

Below are the few demonstrations of how with the right placements Jeff Bezos is building an aura around his brand.

  • Jeff Bezos says this is how he plans to spend the bulk of his fortune.
  • Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin could send tourists to space this year.
  • How Amazon founder Jeff Bezos went from the son of a teen mom to the world’s richest person.
  • Jeff Bezos dreams of a world with a trillion people living in space.

And then a screenshot of today’s Google News feed.

jeff bezos media communications

The power of media communications and carefully designed placements can make any person, subject or company likable.

Double-size that order?

Then double-size this whopper with a social media blitz of relatable communication. Pure genius.



Media Placements requires relationships at the top, middle and bottom

The power of media placements influences and calls to actions brands, NGO, big companies, you name it. Google, Microsoft, Sony all have made their way to the reputation of top CSR companies through the power of media placements. The work cannot be admired until it has been seen by the right people. Also, for the right number of times. Placement of Forbes can earn you a big score for your PR.

The right placement can take you to places you have not even dreamed of.

Smart teams of innovative thinkers, numbers nerds, taskmasters, and devil’s advocates clutter the media placement services market. They have the potential to customize and innovate design solutions that can build brands and position your product aptly. Media placement on the internet has a degree of influence like never before.


Co-founder & President
Nadia is the President and co-founder of Massive Alliance. She is an international figure in reputation management and is best known for her rolodex of media influencers.