Building a Brand’s Reputation: 50% of Consumers will Buy, if you Interacted on Social Media

Brook Zimmatore | March 14, 2018

If a company was at war, then social media is how you organize the troops. It ties directly into your online reputation is arguably the most effective way and means to build a brand. But how loyal will your troops be? Will they desert you in a moment of threat?

Get this––per, an in-depth LinkedIn study showed that 50% followers stated there is a higher probability of purchasing a company’s products or services if they’ve engaged with them previously. I said ENGAGE. Not publish-at or talk-to or fill-feed.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

However, Mr Einstein may not have predicted that a tweet or LinkedIn response from a brand, individual or response creates a nice warm, fuzzy feeling in the recipient. People want to know they are being listened to and that their voice matters. Humans are like a kid with candy when when someone acknowledges that they exist!

And here is the reason social media responses wield such power in the consumer markets.

Wendys nugget tweet

A great example of social media’s strength is Carter Wilkinson’s famous tweet at Wendy’s. He wanted his chicken nuggets, a lifetime supply. And when he asked how, he got a response. He may not have gotten 18 million retweets for his lifetime supply but he and Wendy’s created a bond like never before, with almost 3.7m retweets and a media storm, benefiting both Wendy’s and Carter.

The best part about utilizing this type of service? It’s nearly free. All it takes is an intelligent person in marketing or a tech-savvy social media manager.

An interactive experience

Engaging with customers, clients, providing insights, or providing updates regularly can make a huge difference. Utilizing platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc, done correctly, will create an organic traffic increase of potential customers and exposure. If you create content that actually engages the customers and poses a question or call-to-action, you can naturally strengthen brand credibility.

Posting daily stories to your Instagram that engage customers, creating short videos showcasing your products, or maybe even humorous sales videos are all simple things one can do. I personally know of several companies who have built their businesses on social platforms like this. We’re talking 5 million per year as a result––and that’s not even through paid advertising, it is through ENGAGEMENT.

Done with consistency, this type brand building strengthens your online reputation. In essence, this could be considered aggressive actions for your online reputation. If you can build your brand around the story you put out, the content you create, and back it up with excellent customer service, you control your reputation. If you don’t, you’re out there in the cold waiting to be mauled by wolves (figuratively speaking).

Brands that increase customer engagement through social platforms and other means are much less likely to have negative content rise to the top of their such results or tarnish their brand. The difference? They’re being proactive about their reputation.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.