Media Services Tailored for Energy Companies: How to Control Your Energy Brand

Media Division | February 21, 2018

The energy industry is a fickle thing. Energy services from large companies are subject to negative reviews and frequent customer complaints. In addition to the complaints, customers traditionally don’t understand the value associated with switching to a more sustainable solution. Besides the numerous industries we work with, energy is one niche we truly understand on a global level.

Online reputation management curbs wasteful energy

Leveraging media and valuable assets in in a mercurial market such as energy is a must. The real trick here is you’re competing for services that every energy company delivers for the most part. You need to be able to show why you’re better, without causing customer concern for an increase in their utility bill. Power, water, gas, etc. are all necessities for households, meaning they’re not something with added value generally. The way you solve this is to create a brand that showcases your customer loyalty, commitment to better energy solutions and affordability for the customer.

A great example of this is Tesla’s Model 3 launch. Tesla Specifically isn’t a car company, but they are making renewable energy something sexy, desirable and affordable for the mass consumer market. While energy companies may not be on the same level as Tesla, the principle is the same. It sounds cliche, but you have to make the switch bigger than the customer’s immediate concerns. This is where managing online reputation really comes into play. You have to create the brand image in areas where customers look (google).

For starters, you could set up profiles for your company in places like this:

Media fuels innovative energy

Energy is an intangible necessity. So, if you are going to manage your brand correctly, you truly have to be on point with customer care and service offerings. Massive Alliance is well versed in leveraging media and creating campaigns that can show energy companies commitment to the customer––and their innovations for consumers. It’s been statistically proven to increase conversions and overall sales revenue for our clients. Our teams of writers are experts in their respective fields and have unique insights into consumer energy trends.

In essence, all of the things you would need in order craft the perfect campaign and build confidence with customers. Not to mention, it helps when you are attempting to increase your service offerings in the renewable spaces such as solar, wind, etc. If you’re not sure what is different about your company, then work with us. We’ll do an analysis and show you how to position the brand and create media around that. Essentially, we do the heavy lifting so you can keep our power on.

The current war

Negative reviews hurt. Bad. A single complaint online can outweigh the positive and confidence boosting content you may have saturating your company. Especially if that customer really feels wronged. Having a firm to consult with you on how to prevent these from popping up or handling them when they do is a must. This may seem like something trivial, but left unchecked can lead to much bigger problems. Having solid assets that essentially build a digital wall (media) for your company is a proven way to guard against this attack. Crafting a strategy that can push these down or divert attention from the negative can mean the difference between the make break.

In the energy industry, you’re dealing with a large and varying public of customers. You can ultimately end up with various streams (or currents) of reviews or media, so it needs to be a regular thing, or, done in bulk.

Sustainable tools for sustainable companies

It’s not to say that people can’t easily push through the grind or negative content out there. It’s not really the point. How you position yourselves and become the dominating force is what’s important. Done correctly, niche media and energy marketing can have long lasting results that largely outweigh the cost. It’s not enough to be the service people need, don’t you want to be the service people want?

If you’re in the energy space, give us a ring. We have proven solutions to grow and brand your company.


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