I’ll Take my Content Shaken, Not Stirred

Media Division | February 1, 2018

The art of online reputation management is like a plot from a James Bond movie. You’re trying to protect you or your company from being attacked, but it requires you to go up against some weirdly covert tactics or quickly act when is crisis with expert control and precision. In truth, It’s better to shake things up than to be stirred into the infinite abyss of news that you can’t control. The number one pitfall of marketing and PR men is focusing on something that doesn’t work.

The American consumer needs to be made to be interested in what you have or can deliver, they’re not going to know that just by magically figuring out how to search your company name. We operate in a world today where you have to do more than just deliver good service, you can’t just rely on getting your business referrals. It’s arguably true that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, but how do you generate that buzz and multiply the gains?

Don’t stop your normal efforts…mostly

SEO does work, there’s no question about that––but how do you strengthen your efforts surrounding SEO when it comes to your company’s reputation? How do you ensure that all the glorious keyword research that’s been done isn’t going to waste?  Simple. You take control of the content and orchestrate a media campaign surrounding your company. Stop wasting time doing pay per click advertising and building your website. What you need to focus on is creating a brand that’s prominently placed in the spotlight.

The most important thing you need to do if you are gearing up for launch (as in a start up) is to fill in the void. If your company is just launching or your expanding at a larger rate, then you need to fill the search results with positive results and controlled content. Some really simple ways to do this are:

  • Set up a blog for your company and write a blog post everyday linking back towards internal content or credible sources––This is time consuming so most people ignore it.  If you can, hire a professional writer/blogger to do it for you
  • Follow trending news topics for your industry carefully and get your story out there (you should hire us for that)
  • Make sure you’ve actually done the keyword research for the search terms you need to dominate for your company/industry
  • Get your social profiles lit up and buzzing with content, I’m talking Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the works

The sinister plot of “Dr. Brand and Mr. Media”

In building your brand, there is a bit of a pandora’s box analogy associated with media. Building your brand is one thing, but it really comes together when you can correctly control content relevant to branding. The media is the large caliber weapon that you need to take control of to throw out the competition.  Most people (in the SMB space specifically) make a mistake in choosing to just ignore the negative and false content that may be written about them.  To some degree, I guess this works––sometimes. But it creates a bit of a tainted ripple effect, one thing leads to another. The truth is the only credible source of information about you or your company should come from the horses mouth. Get a company like ours to work with that has well established relations with journalists, high profile blogger and influencers to talk about your company and link back to your site or valuable assets.

Doing this has multiple benefits including:

  • Pushing down any negative content or reviews
  • Aligning your messaging with your branding (yes, there’s a difference)
  • Increases you public authority with consumers before they even speak to you

Your online reputation is everything

Your online reputation is really the reputation of your brand, don’t confuse those. In reality it’s the first line of defense for your company or you personally. If you manage that correctly and have that controlled, it’s amazing how much of an increase in statistics your company can experience. In a Recent Forbes article by Jeff Gilden, he covers the benefits of online reputation management, he says,

Entrepreneurs should understand the importance of online reputation and how proper management can have a positive effect on their search engine placement. Proper management is key to improving your online reputation, as a well-managed online reputation helps draw potential clients to your website.

Controlling your reputation is not difficult to do, but it does require attention and intelligence when executing a strategy.

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