Google Reviews – Putting your Business on the Map

Brook Zimmatore | January 31, 2018

Maybe you’re a small business just getting started; or perhaps you’re old school and have been around a long time but have no real presence online. You want to make your business known, but don’t have much of a budget and/or don’t know where you should put your focus online to drive in more business? Should you make friends with yelp first? Or head over to Google my Business?

Lets consider a few things…

Does it Yelp your business?

On the emerging debate of yelp vs. google reviews, one should consider ease for both consumers to review and business owners to manage on either platform.


  • Requires an account to post reviews.
  • Requires claiming one’s business to respond to reviews.
  • Discourages businesses from asking customers to review their business.
  • Has a review filter algorithm that can be good when it hides bad reviews and can be bad when it hides good reviews.
  • Once you claim your page, be prepared for Yelp’s sales team to be calling you for advertising.


  • Requires an account to post reviews.
  • Requires claiming one’s business to respond to reviews.
  • No stigma for asking customers for reviews.
  • Direct integration into Google’s search engine.
  • Locatable on Google Maps
  • Exposure to Google’s large user base

Desktop vs. Mobile

In late 2016, BGR reported that mobile internet usage had surpassed desktop usage for the first time in history. The folks over at StatCounter created a 12 month graph from Dec 2016 – Dec 2017 which shows that global mobile market share exceeded that of the desktop.

A recent study into the most used smartphone apps found that Google Maps came in at number 5 out of 10, having garnered 57% of app users. Number 4 of 10 was the Google Search app with a whopping 61% of users.

The simplicity for a consumer to search straight from their mobile device using the Google Maps app allows for immediate viewing of the business address, hours of operation and direct access to reviews pulled straight from google reviews. The days of independent searching of both the company site and company site plus “reviews” appear to be  coming to an end.

With the simplicity of setting ones business up for free on GMB, one can promptly make one’s business known, have a place for it to be reviewed and quite literally, put your business on the map, or the “the google map”, if you will. The ability and ease to see google reviews from your mobile device––whether your logged into it or not––is also an added plus, where as with yelp you have to do this from the yelp app or page and login from there. Annoying.

And the winner is…

It seems one would get the most value for time spent online building ones profile by really focusing on making that Google my Business profile up-to-date and complete. And really engage customers through there.  Google is the number one search engine in the world and the number one resource for yelp reviews (ironic, right?) so it really makes sense to just stick with the real authority here. Google also allows you to control your entire company’s email and business accounts all from one platform, it’s like a virtual business hub.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.