Hundreds of South Carolina Residents Affected in Data Breach

Brian Erickson | September 15, 2017

A data breach can be one of the most catastrophic events for an organization. The recent Equifax data breach was one of the largest that we have seen as of late, but breaches of other organizations continue to occur as well. While everyone is focusing on the Equifax breach, several other organizations have also been breached, resulting in terrible consequences. Data breaches can hugely impact. In a recent breach, Cornerstone Business and Management Solutions suffered a data breach that exposed the information of hundreds of South Carolina residents.

The Information Affected by the Breach

Cornerstone Business and Management Solutions is an umbrella company with several organizations underneath it. During a routine review of company system logs on June 10th, Cornerstone had discovered an unrecognized account. The company then quickly took action and secured their servers. They had determined that a hacker was able to download data stored on their servers, and this included some personal information from patients of Infinity Medical, CBS Medical, Hylan Medicine Cabinet Inc., Certified Medical Supply, Avondale HME Inc., PA Healthcare Pharmaceutical Company, and Cornerstone Business and Management Solutions. According to a letter sent by the company to those affected, the breach had affected 681 residents. The data compromised in the attack included names, dates of birth, addresses, and insurance information that may have contained some Social Security numbers from those using Medicare for provided Cornerstone products. The attack did not include any financial data like bank account or credit card numbers, nor any medical diagnoses. Although, the data that was affected is bad enough, being that it could be used for identity theft or to create fraudulent accounts. There does not appear to be any reports as to whether Cornerstone was able to determine when the hacker first infiltrated.

Cornerstone appears to be concentrating upon remediation very well. They had sent letters notifying those affected on September 8th. Although, this is one area where they could have done much better, as it should not have taken them four months to notify those affected. Cornerstone is also offering free credit monitoring and credit repair services to affected patients. By and large, the company has done well in concentrating upon assisting those whose data was included in the breach. This is an important part of handling a breach, as neglecting those affected can cause much further reputational and trust damages to an organization down the line. An organization that goes through a breach must display to their customers that they are focusing on addressing the incident and helping those affected.

The Value of Cyber Security Monitoring in Preventing Data Breaches

One factor that can allow a breach to be far more detrimental is the time it takes to discover it. We continue to see cases where a breach or attack is not discovered until months or even years after it has already occurred. This simply allows infiltrating threats and attackers to continue exfiltrating data for an extended period of time. Although, there is a security implementation that can largely help in preventing this, which would be cyber security monitoring. Proper monitoring allows an IT staff member or analyst to have much more awareness of various networks and systems. They would be notified of any anomaly or suspicious entry, allowing them to rapidly investigate the situation. If they discover malicious entry, they can immediately expel or eliminate the threat before it has a chance to really accomplish much. Massive Alliance provides comprehensive cyber security monitoring that can help any type or size of organization to better defend themselves in real time.

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