PlayStation Social Media Accounts Hacked and Potentially Suffered Data Breach

Media Division | August 21, 2017

Gaming is an extremely large industry in our modern society. Millions all over the world engage in various games online with players from across the globe. But, as with any technology, the gaming industry can be a great target for cyber attacks. Console manufacturers are generally quite good at keeping customer’s systems protected, but that does not mean that the company’s themselves are not targeted. We have seen this before in cyber attacks upon Xbox and PlayStation. And in yet another cyber attack, PlayStation had their social media accounts hacked, and there may have also been a data breach according to the perpetrator.

Who Was Behind the Attack?

The group behind the attack was OurMine, which is not a new one. We have seen this group target several different companies in various past attacks. They promote themselves as a white hat hacker group whose purpose is to help companies better their security and plug vulnerabilities. But, they differ from typical white hat hackers in that they are not hired by the companies themselves. Rather, they hack into organizations as a way to display vulnerabilities, and then ask the company to contact them regarding their security. This is a type of extortion in a way, as they are putting these organizations in a very tough position by trying to force the victims to contact them.

In this attack upon PlayStation, their official social media accounts had been accessed by the group. They had then posted messages on the gaming company’s Twitter regarding the hacking and asking PS to contact them. The tweets had also suggested that PlayStation Network’s databases had been leaked, but there has been no confirmation from PlayStation as to whether this was true or not. The company had quickly taken their accounts back over and deleted the tweets from the perpetrators. As to whether a data leak actually took place will perhaps be made clear if PlayStation releases more details.

As mentioned above, PlayStation has suffered a breach before. Back in 2011, there was an incident where the personal data of 77 million accounts were compromised, and this had resulted in Sony having to shut down the PlayStation Network for 23 days. The company was criticized heavily in this breach because of the way they handled it, as they were very slow to alert users of the incident. There had also been an incident regarding Xbox and PlayStation in 2015, where hackers had stolen details of 2.5 million users from popular gaming forums. This theft included data like IP addresses, email addresses, and passwords. These incidents really display how large of a target various gaming companies can be for criminals, as well as the need for these companies to implement proper security.

Implementing Comprehensive Defense to Prevent Cyber Attacks

With how prevalent technology is nowadays in everything from kids toys to cars, organizations must ensure that they take proper steps to prevent cyber attacks. There are numerous actions that they can take to ensure protection, and some of these are as simple as proper passwords and firewalls. Of course, there are more advanced implements necessary as well, such as cyber security monitoring and intelligence. These more advanced implementations are ideal for proactive defense, which is required in today’s landscape. Modern threats and attackers are adept at performing insidious breaches when organizations are not expecting, which is why proactivity is key. Basic tools like antivirus and firewalls will always be necessary, but they cannot defend from modern threats by themselves. Massive Alliance offers many different tools and services that can help organizations of all types and sizes to prevent cyber attacks.

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