Content Outreach: How it Can Improve the Online Reputation of Your Business

Brook Zimmatore | August 16, 2017

social media and online reputation

By now if you have been considering improving your public relations campaigns, online reputation, or ability to reach new customers/clients through the internet, you’ve heard about content marketing.

Content marketing creates the useful, valuable data your customers (and potential customers) seek. It is not specifically about PR, though it plays a part in an effective PR campaign. It also isn’t exactly about SEO (search engine optimization), though it can certainly improve your SEO, and an understanding of SEO will make your content outreach more effective.

Here is what you need to know about content outreach, and how it can improve the online reputation of your business and boost revenue.

Types of Content Outreach

Content outreach can involve many different forms of digital communication. You do not have to utilize all of these tools to boost your online reputation, but you should be aware of the fact that the more of these resources that you use, the more of them that will show up when people search for your company. You can’t actually boost your business reputation without utilizing at least some of these resources, so you might as well take a look and see what makes sense for your business.

  • Social media—Each social media site has its own quirks, but they are generally very simple to utilize to generate content. If you have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (to name a few of the more popular platforms) all very active, they will be some of the first items to show up when people search for your business name, thereby assisting with your online reputation management.
  • Videos—People love video content, and will respond to and get engaged with entertaining or enlightening videos. You do not have to have expensive equipment since even amateur ones can get plenty of attention. It does require excellent scripting and strategy, though, so it may be a resource for which you seek outside professionals.
  • Infographics—Appealing and interesting industry-relevant infographics can get you great attention and re-shares/interaction.
  • Podcasts—Depending on your field and your executives, relevant podcasts can be a useful part of your brand reputation management, setting up your business or your key executives as thought leaders in their fields.
  • Books or eBooks—Again for the idea of becoming a thought leader in your field, books can be an effective part of a content outreach strategy.

When it comes to creating the content that might be applicable to your business, stretch yourself a little. Maybe you never considered creating videos or don’t see what Twitter has to do with your business, but if you give it a shot and get interactive on these various platforms, you may find you join new and relevant conversations. The term is brand engagement. Get out there and you get customers engaging with your brand.

How Content Improves Brand Reputation

Reputation means the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. It’s difficult to calculate exactly how many potential customers click away from your page or choose another business after seeing online negativity, but it could easily be several hundreds of percent.

Effective online reputation management doesn’t even just get you more customers, it also supports the relationships you have with existing customers, helps to attract potential investors and business partners, and even assists you with the hiring process (savvy potential employees will read up about you before applying).

Since content is, by its very nature, engaging and valuable data, a content outreach strategy gets you more bang for your buck in brand reputation management. That’s a strategy we can all agree on.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.