Venezuelan Websites Targeted by Rebel Backing Hackers

Media Division | August 8, 2017

Cyber attacks have become quite a prominent form of warfare. Various entities will launch attacks at their enemies as a way to detriment them or steal data. This tends to occur most often with regards to nation states that hit each other to try and gain an advantage. In fact, cyber attacks have become so frequently used for this purpose that NATO had even declared cyber as a fourth domain of warfare, along with air, land, and sea. A well targeted cyber attack can cause a large amount of disruption to an adversary, which makes it a valuable tactic. In a recent attack, dozens of Venezuelan websites were targeted on Monday by hackers that appeared to be supporting a rebel group that had raided an army base over the weekend.

The Types of Sites Hit by the Attack

According to reports, the hacking group had targeted portals related to the Supreme Court, legislature, government, with around 40 websites were hit in total. The group had called themselves The Binary Guardians. Sites connected to private companies had also been targeted, and these included DirecTV and the telephone provider Digital. Some of the sites had remained offline late Monday, but those of the electoral council and the President’s office were eventually restored. The Binary Guardians had put up a post on Twitter of what they had placed on the website portals, which included text supporting the raid on the army base called “Operation David,” as well as an excerpt from “The Great Dictator,” a Charlie Chaplin movie. It also urged protesters to “support our valiant soldiers,” in anti-government demonstrations. There does not appear to be any reports as to whether there is an investigation underway, or whether they have any leads on the perpetrators.

The Current Unrest Happening in Venezuela

The attack comes a day after a dismissed military captain and two lieutenants had led 20 uniformed men in a raid on a Valencia army base. The raiders were able to get away with an unspecified arsenal of weapons. Although, they did suffer quite significant losses, as seven had been arrested, including one of the lieutenants, and two of them had been killed. The president had praised the army for their quick response and had called the raid a terrorist attack. This is amid the current unrest and opposition to the government of President Nicolás Maduro going on within Venezuela, which has led to a multitude of deaths in protests.

Implementing Adequate Cyber Security to Protect Data and Systems

There are numerous ways for an organization to properly protect themselves in today’s threat landscape. Unfortunately, far too many organizations continue to have lacking cyber security that allows threats and attackers to infiltrate systems and networks. The tools and implements of protection are out there, and all that organizations have to do is implement them. While it can sometimes be costly to bolster cyber security, it is purely an investment to the organization, as a significant breach can cost much more than it does to fortify security. Many organizations also have the issue of lacking manpower, but this too can be solved. There are third parties that can provide services to better protect the digital assets of an organization. Intelligence can be incorporated to proactively fend off attackers, and monitoring can be used to detect any type of attempted infiltration. With the numerous tools and services that are available these days, there really is no excuse for organizations to leave themselves inadequately protected. Massive Alliance can help organizations to largely bolster their cyber security through our wide array of offerings.

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