Why Your Online Reputation is so Important for Business Success

Brook Zimmatore | August 7, 2017

online reputation and business success

It’s okay if you are still not sure that your online reputation has anything to do with the success of your business. Plenty of people thought that telephones weren’t very useful and that the automobile would never take off also. That’s a joke.

Seriously, though, an understanding of online reputation and the management of your online reputation will help you see how to harness the tools of the internet to fuel the long-term success of your business, regardless of what that business is. Here is what you need to know about your online reputation and how to channel it to generate revenue and play your business game at the next level.

Everyone has Competition

The prevalence of a digital marketplace changed the game. Take retail, for example. In earlier rounds, giant mega stores (like Walmart) came in and changed the marketplace experience. Power buyers of that magnitude could get their materials at lower cost or overseas and meet price points smaller-town retailers couldn’t meet. They offered a “one stop shop” at a time when people were genuinely searching for a more convenient shopping experience.

Then the game changed again when the internet made it possible for people to buy from anyone (think eBay and Craigslist), or from anywhere (overseas now possible for a single item). While earlier giant retailers still exist, online marketplaces (like Amazon) became the next mega store. Even those mega retailers (like Walmart) are finding themselves growing an online portion of their business, with options like site-to-store ordering, to try to keep up.

But you don’t need to be in the retail business to see how the internet made everyone have competition. By searching online for any good or service, potential customers and potential investors can compare, price shop, and read reviews.

So You Need to Stand Out

What drives business with so much accessibility, then has more to do with reputation than ever. In the past, even if customers were not very happy with you, they might not have much choice in terms of where else to take their business. That’s not true anymore.

Now, customers are looking for:

  • A positive buying experience
  • Simple shipping and returns, if need be
  • Very little “pestering”
  • Unless they need customer service, in which case it should be stellar

By mastering the art of providing high-quality, and highly regarded quality, you can generate a positive online presence, which is the first step for effective online reputation management.

And Be Uniquely You

By now there is no business left that has not heard of branding. Whether you make shoe laces or are in the business of higher education, brand makes you uniquely you. That means that every customer interaction, every online post, every reply to an online comment, should all fit your desired brand.

By training your team to think that way and empowering them to serve customers effectively within the framework of your business and your brand, you generate a positive online reputation and also channel that reputation into both new business and repeat business.

To Knock it Out of the Park

Online reputation management services with industry-relevant insight offers the professional approach to your online brand success.

Powerful tools:

  • Identify reputation threats
  • Nullify existing threats (defamation, hate speech, negative or false reviews, etc.)
  • Build a positive online presence
  • Create a support structure for internal PR and continued team generation of positive online presence
  • Generate the framework for continued online reputation management

By utilizing effective tools to implement those five steps, you meet the unique needs of your business, to service customers and generate long-term business success. You’ll knock it out of the park.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.