Guide to Building Business Credibility through Reputation Management

Brook Zimmatore | July 5, 2017

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Building credibility is an essential component of being a professional in any business. Whether you are a scientist, hair stylist, or entrepreneur, building up a reputation of being an expert at what you do is key to attracting new followers and clients. In today’s world of options, options, and more options, it’s important to find ways to stand out from your competitors. And while creative advertising and engaging social media campaigns might pique people’s interest, a credible, trustworthy reputation will earn their loyalty. Focusing on reputation online management as a part of establishing your brand is an important investment in your business.

Business Reputation Management

Being credible means inspiring trust and respect. Establishing sound business credibility is a key aspect of creating and maintaining a successful business. And it’s one that takes time and consistent effort. Take United Airlines’ recent plane removal incident for example. United Airlines is the world’s 3rd largest airline and has been around since 1962. It’s what you would call a solid, hugely successful business. However, it took just one poorly-handled incident too seriously put a dent in their credibility and reputation. 50+ years of building credibility, and it took a mere hour to damage it. Of course, they’ve since taken measures to remedy the situation and do extensive damage control, but it just goes to show how important business reputation management is.

Proactively working to establish credibility and create a good reputation can do wonders for your business. And should any unseemly incidents unexpectedly arise, businesses with a good reputation can rely on that credibility that they’ve built up to help remind their audience that they are and have been a respected business and that whatever happened is an isolated incident. In contrast, new businesses that just focus on getting sales and buzz while neglecting to garner their internet reputation management find themselves in a much weaker position should something go wrong.

Establishing business credibility means playing the long game. It’s being consistently honest, competent, and delivering outstanding products and services over time until you’ve earned the trust, respect, and loyalty of the public.

Tips for Building Credibility and Bolstering Your Reputation Online Management

  • Always keep your word and deliver on your promises. Do not make grand promises that you can’t keep. Under promise and over deliver, or at the very least, make sure you’re fulfilling the expectations you set.
  • Apologize and take responsibility if a mistake is made. Trying to cover it up or blame others will just hurt your reputation in the long run and make you look untrustworthy.
  • Communicate, and communicate well. Find a company spokesperson who can communicate eloquently and clearly, in such a way that your audience completely understands your intentions and goals. Be transparent about bad news –communicating both your victories and defeats create an honest, open communication line with your audience.
  • Be consistent and honest. Don’t say that your product is “made in America,” but conveniently fail to mention that one tiny component is made in America, while the rest in made in China. The truth always comes out and your target audience will not appreciate you trying to pull a fast one on them. Tout the good aspects of your brand, but make sure you are staying true to them.
  • On that same note, always promote the heck out of your victories, achievements, and positive impacts on the world. This helps establish your reputation as an opinion leader and positive influence.
  • When in doubt, hire a PR firm. They are experts in business reputation management and can help build up your brand’s credibility and handle all communications, which enables you to focus on running and expanding your business.

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Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.