Business Blogging: How it Can Improve Your PR Efforts

Brook Zimmatore | July 3, 2017

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Business blogging is an integral way to build awareness about your brand, while also entertaining and informing your audience. Active and consistent blogging can be a very powerful tool when it comes to online reputation management. Curating a blog with stellar content can create a loyal audience of followers, and provides a great tool for engagement.

Why Blogs are a Key Tool in Brand Reputation Management

While blogs have been a prevalent part of the online culture for some time now, business blogging is an entirely different animal. Blogging for business is more mindful and strategic than a standard blog which essentially acts a public journal entry. Business blogging incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) which utilizes specific keywords to drive traffic to your site, at which point the actual blog content needs to take over the heavy lifting. It needs to be relevant, and somehow interesting or informative to your target audience. A blog that consistently captivates your readers will become their go-to resource, which can then open the door to the sales cycle.

Two Proverbial Birds with One Stone

Business blogs are a double threat when it comes to brand reputation management. First, they rely on strategic SEO keywords to help drive traffic to their parent site. Let’s not forget that these blogs can stay on the internet for all of eternity, constantly driving new traffic to your site. Choose the SEO keywords carefully and be sure to research the relevant ones for your industry. Secondly, business blogs should ideally create a stream of unique, informative, and entertaining content that engages the target audience and maintains an ongoing conversation with them, which ultimately leads to sales and conversions down the line.

It’s All About That Social Media

Social media is a term that we’re hearing now more than ever. And whether you love it or despise it, the world’s fascination with social media is not going away anytime soon. And more importantly, nowadays it’s an essential component of building a brand and establishing a cohesive business reputation. Blogs can help rev up your social media presence by providing dynamic content for sharing across various channels. And if done correctly, that social media presence should attract an audience interested in engaging with your brand. Plus, blogs give your brand its own unique “voice.” Whether you want to be funny, serious, educational, etc., creating a blog that constantly churns out fantastic new content while maintaining a consistent voice definitely helps shape your brand and give it a distinct social media identity.  This can prove to be a key tool in online reputation management.

Tips for Business Blogging 

  • Quality over quantity. Yes, you want your site to have a ton of SEO-rich blog entries to drive traffic. But more importantly, you want interesting, informative blog entries that people are actually going to want to take time out of their day to read.
  • Survey your audience. If you’re already engaging with your audience over social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can float blog post ideas by your readers to see what garners the most interest. Or, just open the floor to your followers and ask them what they want to read about. 
  • Be creative. Your readers don’t want to read the same types of content all the time. You need to find ways to differentiate yourself from all the other blogs. Surprise followers with totally unexpected topics and posts, while finding ways to still make these disruptive posts relevant to your brand.
  • Create original content. Using your own images and video to supplement the blog content. A) It’s more unique. B) It creates a wealth of opportunities for SEO in the captions, descriptions, and even image titles.

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Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.