The Entertainment Industry: The Major Cyber Threats Happening in 2017

Media Division | May 23, 2017

Cyber threats and attacks are just as prevalent in the entertainment industry as any other sector. In fact, people in this business are even more vulnerable to cyber attacks given that a lot of their personal information is already easily searchable on Google.

Reputation threats are plenty and no person or company seems to be fully protected no matter the amount of cyber security they employ.  With all the innovative technology in the entertainment business, there is no lack of criminals who chose to exploit it.  Per a recent report by ScreenMedia, 28% of media organizations admitted to having been a victim of a cyber attack, while in reality, such attacks have occurred in almost 46% of media businesses.

One of the most impactful cyber attacks occurred in 2014 when Sony was hacked.  Their hard drives were destroyed and digital files were stolen. Social security numbers of employees and their personal information were also compromised. The loss of data combined with what proved to be embarrassing statements publicized became quite a battle for Sony to handle.

Part of the problem was that Sony didn’t have the capability to detect the hack as it was happening and reportedly started working on handling it after it happened.  Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director of the FBI, warned at that time that organizations needed to implement strategies, policies, and technologies that allow them to detect these breaches when they occur because then they can actually mitigate them.  That’s good advice still today.

Surprisingly, Henry stated in a CBS News interview that the average time between a breach and when someone notices the breach is seven to eight months.  Unfortunately, most victims learn about such an attack from a third party which apparently, more often than not, turns out to be the FBI.  By that point, it is too late to do much of anything about the damage done.

Potential security threat in 2017 is just as great if not greater than it was three years ago.  Hackers are contriving new malware faster than ever and as long as there are criminals there will be cyber attacks.

Moreover, hackers aren’t the only intruders to worry about and companies need to consider that some of their own employees were part of the problem.  Such was the case for 45% of entertainment companies surveyed by PricewaterhouseCoppers in 2015.  Additionally, 37% of those companies also reported their vendors as a security threat.

What You Can Do

It is imperative for entertainment companies as well as individuals in the industry to be proactive and actually detect the assailant and act effectively before any serious damage is done.  The thing to do is assume that such an attack will occur and in turn develop a strategy and plan accordingly.  Some of the common attacks that can occur include unauthorized access to entertainment platforms, financial leaks from media sites, downloaded customer information traded on the black market, fake reviews, entertainment website scams, cyber trolling, profile targeting, zero-day attacks, and impending physical threats, to name a few.

Whether you’re an entertainment company or an individual in the entertainment business, working with a threat intelligence management expert is a must and can be life-saving in the above-named situation.

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