New Season of “Orange is the New Black” Leaked After Netflix Refuses to Pay Ransom

Media Division | May 2, 2017

Streaming services for TV and movies have become more popular than ever.  They offer a wide range of content and are much more convenient than having to watch a show at the same time every week or go to the video store to rent a movie.  Unfortunately, with all of that content residing online, and going through various hands before it becomes available, it can run the risk of being targeted by cyber attackers.  Netflix, one of the largest streaming companies, recently had one of their proprietary shows targeted in a cyber attack.  The show is called “Orange is the New Black,” and it has been a hit since it was originally released.  Season 5 was slated to be released in June, but hackers were able to illicitly obtain it and threatened to release the content if Netflix did not pay a ransom for its return.

How the Content was Stolen

The breach in which the material was stolen appears to have occurred at Larson Studios, which is a digital mixing service for movie studios and TV networks.  The FBI had initially known of the breach at Larson in January but apparently had not begun notifying the affected companies until last month.  A hacking group called thedarkoverlord was responsible, and they had demanded that Netflix pay a ransom for the return of the content, but Netflix had refused to pay.  The group then released the first episode of the season on Friday as a prompt for Netflix to pay, stating “Let’s try to be a bit more direct, Netflix.”  And they then released the remainder of the content that they possessed on Saturday.  The content appears to be dated, as they only possessed ten episodes, though it is a 13 episode season, meaning it was likely obtained before the final three were released to Larson Studios.  Netflix had responded to the incident through a concise statement, which read, “We are aware of the situation. A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.”

The group had also said on Saturday that they possessed the content of several other networks as well and that it would be released if their demands were not met.  This included National Geographic, ABC, and Fox.  If the group does actually possess content from these networks, it does not appear that any of that content has been leaked yet.

Thedarkoverlords Recent History

This is not the first incident involving thedarkoverlord.  The name had also arisen back in January in a cyber attack upon a charity in Indiana called Little Red Door Cancer Services of East Central Indiana. In this attack, thedarkoverload had wiped the charity’s servers and demanded a 50 bitcoin ransom to restore the information.  They had also claimed to have breached several healthcare companies and a health insurer last summer and had then posted the data for sale on the dark web, with prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Establishing Formidable Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks

There are innumerable cyber threats with various malicious purposes within this digital age, which makes it critical to properly protect networks and systems.  With the large amount of potential attack vectors, an organization needs to ensure that they have extensive and comprehensive security in place to be able to prevent cyber attacks.  A single attack can result in data loss, consumer trust and reputation damage, corrupted information, stolen funds, and even tank an organization in certain cases.  Massive Alliance’s wide array of services can help an organization to stay protected and prevent cyber attacks.

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