Israel Announces Prevention of a Recent Attempted Cyber Attack

Media Division | April 26, 2017

Cyber attackers continue attempting to penetrate organizations every single day, and many fall victim to these attacks.  Fortunately, not all of these attacks are successful. In many cases, an organization or institution has the necessary and proper cyber security that allows them to effectively prevent and repel these attacks.  Israel was recently targeted by a widespread cyber attack which they were able to prevent from causing any damage. An announcement from the Prime Minister’s office had stated that the Cyber Defense Authority was able to defend from the attack.

The Methods of the Attack

The attack appears to have been a phishing campaign that was targeted at around 120 Israel organizations, government offices, and citizens.  The malicious emails were discovered to have been sent from the servers of a private company and an academic institution.  The attack was designed to exploit a vulnerability that resided within Microsoft Word.  After the attack, the Cyber Defense Authority had published the methods for foiling the attack on their website.  Microsoft had then also quickly issued a security update to address the issue.  According to reports, it is believed that the attack was sourced from a foreign nation, and was targeted toward “advanced technologies,” development and research.

The announcement had stated that the Cyber Defense Authority had received warnings in regard to a planned cyber attack, and they were then able to investigate the situation and discover the plan of the attack.  This announcement comes a couple days after a concerned letter regarding the Cyber Defense Authority was sent to the Prime Minister by several senior defense officials, including the IDF’s chief of staff and the Mossad. The letter warned that the extensive power given to the Cyber Defense Authority could limit the ability to prevent cyber attacks on Israel.  The Authority was created two years ago, and a recent draft bill seeks to provide it further regulatory abilities, which is what prompted the above letter.  Those concerned feel that the abilities and purpose of the Authority are loosely defined, allowing it too much power.  With the success that the Cyber Defense Authority had in preventing this recent incident, it will likely make it much more difficult for those speaking out against it to prove their point.  More and more countries, organizations, and institutions are focusing on the creation of centralized cyber security authorities, and it has seemed to display quite a large amount of success.

The Importance of Comprehensive Cyber Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks

With the fact that cyber attacks are more prominent than they have ever been, it increases the need for further cyber security.  Cyber attacks have the potential to completely ruin an organization if they are not properly prevented or mitigated. There a wide range of implements that are necessary within modern security to be able to effectively prevent cyber attacks.  Far too many organizations continue to skimp on cyber security because of having the mindset that they will not be targeted, but this is a dangerous way of thinking.  Organizations of all types, sizes, industries, etc are targeted in today’s landscape.  Many smaller organizations may think that they are less likely to be hit, but this is often not the case, as attackers will target them because of their lacking security.  Massive Alliance offers a wide range of cyber security services that can assist any organization to prevent cyber attacks.

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