Complaints Board: How to Resolve Negative Reviews

Brook Zimmatore | April 25, 2017

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Gossip is an ancient and potent tool. How you choose to wield it, directly determines your success or failure in virtually every facet of your life.

This surreptitious yet seemingly innocuous little word belies an almost imperceivable power over the human mind. It permeates our lives, driving us to think and act, sculpting our opinions of others, telling us which products to buy, what colors to wear, and how we should feel about global events. has positioned itself as a hub for cyber-gossip, providing anyone with the potential to tap into the ever-proliferating tentacles of cyberspace to defame businesses and individuals.

When negative reviews (whether legitimate or not) about someone are posted on the Internet, it acts as slanderous gossip unless dealt with swiftly and effectively. Positive reviews on a large scale are equally as effective in strengthening your image and driving business to you.

How Works

The Internet has generated a veritable magnifying glass for “gossip” to pervade every corner of the globe instantly. The mushrooming burst of information exchange via cyberspace is so vast that people in third world countries living in mud huts who (despite lacking access to clean drinking water) have cell phones and Internet access.

There are a variety of concerning aspects with regards to the structure of “Complaints Board” which should be considered in dealing with negative reviews. Firstly, let us address the motives behind how and why their policies are established as they are. “ComplaintsBoard” thrives on its users, who subscribe in the hopes of finding retribution through their ability to report on the business or individual who “wrong them” somehow.

These users are mostly registered as anonymous people reporting from behind the safety of their anonymity. This fact alone makes it fair game for anyone including competitors or any disgruntled human being to launch an all-out attack on the image of any individual or business without proof of their claims.

Although the reviews are not verified, they are prominently posted on the top search engines and discoverable through a basic search of your name or business name.

Complaints Board specifically established a policy to refuse permanent removal of any post in an effort to keep the public informed and publicly document patterns of bad behavior by a particular source. This means that anything posted on their site remains there in perpetuity without the option of removal.

The options offered by “Complaints Board” to push the post to a less prominent page online when your business name is searched are extremely costly and can put your business in a position to be strong armed for a prolonged period of time in an ineffective but desperate attempt to salvage your reputation.

The big problem here is that companies like Complaints Board created the problem business owners are trying to combat to save their public image and these review sites such as ComplaintsBoard put themselves in the financially advantageous position to offer a solution that they’ve ensured only they can administer.

Let us take a closer look at “Complaints Board” and how they structure themselves as a business:

  • They designed a forum where unsatisfied customers are encouraged to provide negative reviews on their site regardless of its validity.
  • They instituted a firm policy to refuse removal of the original post using the Constitutional “freedom of the press” laws to remain impervious to any backlash from victims of any unwanted reviews.
  • They make a considerable profit off of the victims of the negative post when they attempt to mitigate the damage to their businesses reputation.
  • A lack of any vetting of the user who posts the report or the validity of the source or accuracy of the information puts businesses in grave danger of defamation and attacks by virtually anyone including competitors or enemies offering no retribution to the victim of the post.

Can You Remove a Review From Complaints Board?

This arrangement places any well-known affluent business in great potential jeopardy of being extorted simply by virtue of the nature of Complaints Board.

In this scenario, all of the power is held by the site one is reviewed upon. The magnitude of the impact a review can have on a business is potentially life altering for all involved within it.

If you want a solid foothold in today’s economy you’d best focus on building a solid reputation and safeguarding it. If you’ve been victimized by cyber defamation you’ll need help to remove it and rectify any ensuing backlash.

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Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.