Online Game Data Breach Compromises Millions of Accounts

Media Division | April 20, 2017

It seems there is a new data breach every single day in our society.  Attackers continue to breach various types of organizations, purloin data, and either use it maliciously or sell it to other criminals.  There have already been a multitude of data breaches this year alone, including hotel chains, healthcare organizations, and schools.  It is quite apparent that many organizations are not putting the attention on cyber security that is necessary.  In yet another breach, it has been discovered that an online gaming website called Fashion Fantasy Game had been compromised last year, with millions of accounts being affected.

Fashion Fantasy Game is an online game created by fashion designer Nancy Ganz, in which users can create a virtual fashion business, and design and sell fashion items.  They are also able to then market to other virtual business owners in the game.  The current community of the game does not seem to be very large, but the breach had exposed details of current and past users.  According to, which records database breaches, over 2.4 million accounts had been stolen from Fashion Fantasy Game in 2016.  This breach was apparently attributed to vulnerabilities in the website, which some researchers have suggested are still extant.

A History of Neglect

There are far too many companies and organizations that do not react appropriately to data breaches.  Data breaches can be extremely serious, and they can be the downfall of an organization if not handled correctly.  It appears that Fashion Fantasy Game has continued to be quite neglectful and apathetic about the situation.  For one, it is absolutely ridiculous that these vulnerabilities have not been addressed and patched.  Then, there is the fact that this is not the first time that they have had a data breach. Three years ago, a file dump was discovered that contained first names, usernames, email addresses, and simple passwords that could be cracked.  And finally, Fashion Fantasy Game has not acknowledged a single breach or exposure via a website or social media, nor have they responded to requests for comments.  This arises the question of whether they are simply not aware of the breaches, or are they advertently neglecting and ignoring the issues. Whatever the case, ignorance or a lackadaisical attitude in regard to data breaches can be extremely dangerous, as it not only puts the company at risk but the customers or players and their data as well.  When it comes to breaches of smaller organizations, they can sometimes be brushed off simply because of being less magnitude than high-profile breaches. But, this attitude toward breaches and cyber security can lead to much larger problems down the road.

The Critical Necessity of Cyber Security Intelligence

With the way that hackers have continued to become more aggressive and clever in their attacks, it is critical to ensure that cyber security is properly fortified.  When it comes to modern threats, it becomes a matter of prediction and prevention, rather than basic defensive and reactive security.  Cyber security intelligence is what will allow an organization to stay ahead of threats.  It allows organizations to be aware of the indicators and patterns of threats around the web, and they can then implement this information into their security systems.  This way, these threats are identified and defended against before they are able to attack.  Massive Alliance provides cyber security intelligence services that allow organizations to stay protected from malicious threats and attackers.

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