OurMine Hacking Group Targets High Profile YouTube Accounts

Media Division | April 17, 2017

Not all hackers necessarily have malicious intent when it comes to their breaching of systems and networks.  Some hackers are described as “white hats” or ethical hackers.  This terminology comes from old western films in which the good guy is typically known to wear a white hat, whereas the villain would wear a black hat.  The purpose of these types of hackers is to attempt to penetrate or breach an organization’s security to assist them in improving it.  Many organizations will actually hire these types of hackers for penetration testing, which allows them to patch any vulnerabilities discovered.  But, there are other white hats that take it upon themselves to penetrate organizations to test security.  The latter describes an extant group called OurMine, which has made news before with previous hacks.  In a recent event, OurMine has compromised several high-profile YouTube accounts in what they are self-proclaiming “the biggest hack in YouTube history.”

OurMine targeted accounts connected to multi-channel network (MCN) Studio71, which includes accounts such as JustKiddingNews, Wranglerstar, and RomanAtwoodVlogs, all of which have hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers.  The hackers took over the accounts and changed video titles to “#OurMine,” as well as placed a brief statement in the video descriptions.  The statement said, “Hey, it’s OurMine, don’t worry we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information,” and displayed their contact information for those interested.  In a somewhat humorous consequence of the event, OurMine’s website received so much traffic after the hack that it went down due to not being able to handle it.

OurMine’s Resume of Hacks

As mentioned above, this is not the first time that OurMine has made headlines with their hacks.  There had been a previous instance of them hacking high-profile YouTube accounts earlier this month, with an extremely similar MO as the most recent hacks.  There had been reports that they had been behind a hack of Sony’s twitter account when it had tweeted that Britney Spears had died, but it appears that they simply hacked Sony afterward to dispel the rumor.  Then, there had been another incident in which they had hacked well-known Twitter accounts such as Marvel, Netflix, Mark Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

While it may not exactly be the best way to go about displaying an organization’s vulnerabilities, it does show YouTube that they have some security issues that need to be resolved.  At least this hack was from a group that has so far displayed that they do not have malicious intent, rather that black hats that could have caused much further damage or stolen data.

Fortification of Cyber Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Obviously, not all cyber attacks are perpetrated by white hats like the above, and there are attacks every day that cause a wide range of damage.  A single attack of significant magnitude can factually cause an organization to fail.  It is extremely critical that an organization have comprehensive cyber security in place to ensure the protection of their systems and networks.  Modern threat actors are more clever than ever at bypassing various security methods and exploiting vulnerabilities. There is a wide range of cyber security implements that are quite essential to be able to defend from all vectors and types of threats and attacks.  The large array of cyber security offerings from Massive Alliance can help an organization to prevent cyber attacks.

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