Why You Need a PR Expert to Help with Online Defamation Removal

Brook Zimmatore | April 13, 2017

online defamation

The basic nature of the Internet and social media is indeed a game in power of persuasion by numbers. In order to win the game, you’ll need some assistance from the experts.

In business and in life we are generally quite consistently competing with an ever-increasing number of anonymous Internet users who are all prospectively friend or foe. While it is quite true the Internet can be a fascinatingly wondrous place to reach and interact with so many new potential allies and consumers. It is also a uniquely effective breeding ground for potentially libelous statements.

The very real possibility exists that your years of hard work may be greatly rewarded or your reputation tainted and marked for life. (In some cases, overnight.)

Have You Been a Victim of Online Defamation

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being victimized by defamation on the Internet or you’re blessed with the foresight of defamation prevention, the best decision you will ever make is to hire an online reputation management brand protection agency.

The commodiously influential networking apparatus we call “the internet” requires considerable technological knowledge and expertise to navigate particularly within the complex and delicate world of internet reputation management.

Life is filled with incalculable variables. We live in an age where it is not simply prudent but virtually impossible to thrive without the support of positive Internet favor and reviews.

Your reputation should be built with care and fiercely guarded. Entire brands and men conversely have been made or broken overnight simply through successful mass media reputation management campaigns. Your name or brand exalted or quite possibly dragged through the mud.

Websites such as “ComplaintsBoard.com” are an example of such sites that thrive on providing users with the tools to proselytize would be future customers or prospective allies to turn away from doing business with you.

The international freedom of the press laws that govern these sites, such as and comparable to “Complaints Board” have allowed for a very loose interpretation of the constitutional laws which guard them from scrutiny. Consequently, these such sites remain on the surface as neutral sympathizers of the malcontented but will come forth to mediate in the case of false reports or egregious misrepresentation for a fee.

In the case of “Complaints Board” who have successfully aligned themselves with all of the top search engines on the internet, the headline of your reviewer’s discontented post will be readily viewable and prioritized as prominently pertinent news to anyone searching for information concerning you or your business.

“Complaints Board” is known for and maintains a reputation for holding onto the original post in perpetuity regardless of any painstaking efforts made by the alleged offensive business or individual.

The process of contacting and convincing “Complaints Board” to have the offending negative propaganda removed or suppressed requires you to go through a variety of motions all of which require deep pockets, patience, and finesse.

Resolving Online Defamation

The source of the information floating about online could be from any unverified source and yet still impact you greatly.  Without professional help, it can be quite impossible to steer your reputation into a semblance of someone you recognize or one day resemble the image of what you wanted you or your company to be known for.

There are effective and lasting solutions to maintaining your carefully built reputation and fortifying that image for generations to come.

A good sound reputation managed and established by the right PR expert is the bedrock of any sustainable trade. Once established and fortified, it’s as good as gold; impervious to defamation and unquestionable, regardless of the occasional mischance.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.