Online Review Sites Can Make Or Break Your Online Reputation

Brook Zimmatore | March 27, 2017

Online review sites such as Complaints Board provide a forum for positive or negative reviews which can either make or break your online reputation.

The modern convenience of due diligence through reading online reviews before selection has put the power in the hands of consumers. This can be a blessing and a curse depending on how you deal with it.

A few things to keep in mind when reading reviews:

  • Absence of reviews translates to a perceived absence of customers
  • Only positive reviews or over-the-top swooning can seem insincere and smell of bought praise. (It’s human to err.)
  • The perceived intelligence of the writer can either credit or discredit the post
  • A more factual versus emotional review has higher value
  • The perfect ratio of positive(80%) versus negative(20%) reviews is the key.
  • More recent reviews should be positive and any negative review should be five or more reviews back.

A genuine review even if not stellar that you publicly respond to in a caring and genuine way will get you more positive feedback than trying to remove it. Everyone loves a good comeback and failures you grow from can humanize you.

Online Complaint Reviews

The site is designed to act as a consumer activist to expose bad business practices but can also be misused by competitors to deter business or compromise reputation.

Reviews are categorized and filed under your business type and name. The reviews posted are not edited by Complaints Board allowing the poster to express their opinions unchecked.

Complaints Board is legally not responsible for the content posted by the user.

In the case that you’ve been reviewed unfavorably on Complaint Board, the best course of action would be to deal with it quickly due to the content ranking prominently on online searches.

Handling Negative Complaints

How you handle a complaint can be crucial to maintaining good customer relations and go far in creating good will with your past and future customers.

If the review is clearly written to compromise your reputation or obviously filled with false reports there are effective steps one can take to remove the post.

If the review is founded in truth and sincere, the opportunity of a resolution or rebuttal to the original complaint can quite powerfully act as a “positive review” in the eyes and minds of potential new customers.

It’s important that you not take their review personally but instead, be grateful for the opportunity to improve.

  • Read the review empathetically.
  • Investigate to discover the validity of the review.
  • Work to resolve the issue internally.
  • Respond to the original complaint with results (explain how the issue was resolved) using diplomacy and positivity.
  • Welcome them back and express gratitude for their helping your business to grow.

You may contact the originator of the post directly on by clicking their name on their post. Using some of the tips just mentioned ask them to edit or delete their post.

You will need to create an account on their site in order to file your complaint or requests and message other users.

If the review was unfounded and you suspect it may be deliberately planted to deter business, you may request that the user remove the offending information or contact Complaints Board directly to have them remove it.

Your best defense is a good offense. Imagine how your potential customers would read the reviews about you or your business. Put yourself in that mindset and sculpt your own perspective for how you wish for your business’s reviews to reflect how your own business would appeal to your customers. Your performance will undoubtedly affect perception.

Aside from inspiring great feedback through reviews by simply being your best you can ask your customers directly to leave a review. Ask for feedback specify what you’d like to hear (“Tell us what you liked and how you think we can do better.”) Sometimes, a simple encouragement or reminder after an interaction is all you need.

Every time you publicly respond to a review is an opportunity to turn any review into a positive one. You have the power to show the world (via reviews on the internet) what you have to offer.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.