“Celebgate 2.0” Results in Leaked Pictures of Well Known Actresses

Media Division | March 20, 2017

Back in September 2014, there was a large hacking that had victimized a slew of well-known celebrities and had resulted in a large leak of a multitude of personal and nude photographs.  This first incident was titled Celebgate, or more crudely known around the web as “The Fappening.”  In a recent similar attack, private photos have been stolen and leaked from Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson.  A large part of the internet community wasted no time in sharing, commenting, and posting these photos in various parts of the web.

This most recent hack has been being referred to as “Celebgate 2.0,” while also maintaining the previous crude title, “The Fappening 2.0.”  The first incident had resulted in legal action against the perpetrators, who had employed phishing campaigns to gain access to celebrity ICloud and Gmail accounts by posing as reputable companies. It is suspected that the same method was employed this time around as well.

Celebrities Taking Legal Action

According to The Telegraph, Watson will be taking legal action in the incident, and her spokesman had stated, “Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen. They are not nude photographs. Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further.”  It has been reported that Seyfried’s legal team is taking action as well, as they had sent a letter to the website Celeb Jihad, demanding that nude photos and other images be taken down “immediately and permanently.”  The lawyers are also demanding that the site preserve any electronic and paper evidence of the photos, which includes, “all emails, text messages, chat logs, screenshots or other electronic or paper documents stored on the work or home computers or mobile devices of your employees or on the cloud.” 

The Scale of the Attack

It is suspected that this is only the first release of further stolen photographs.  According to a report from the Telegraph, the originator of a Reddit thread in regard to the hack stated, “There may be a few more names added to that list but these are the big two. Don’t want to break any Reddit rules so no links right now but there should be some really good drama over the next few days.” Whether this second round will be as large as the first is uncertain, but it is possible that it affected more celebrities than is currently known.  One of the convicted hackers in the first Celebgate had pleaded guilty to breaching over 300 iCloud and Gmail accounts, of which at least 30 were celebrities.  It does not appear that this second round has reached that scale, but more light may be shed on it if further pictures are released.

Protecting Data with Anti-Phishing Solutions

Phishing is one of the most common methods employed within the cyber scape.  These malicious campaigns are quite simple to put together and launch, which makes them a highly employed attack method.  All it takes is one unsuspecting person, employee, etc to open a malicious email attachment or link for an attacker to gain access to entire systems and databases.  Fortunately, phishing attempts can often be thwarted through simple education about the different indicators of an attack.  But, even with this, many can still be fooled by these cleverly crafted scams.  Employing proper anti-phishing solutions can not only protect an organization from becoming the victim of these campaigns but can also mitigate and eliminate the threat in the event that they are successful.  Massive Alliance’s anti-phishing solutions can help an organization to be much more formidable in the face of these attacks.

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