Why Leaving Product Reviews Could Make You a Target for a Cyber Hack

Media Division | March 15, 2017

There can be a wide array of different vulnerabilities and holes that can leave a person or business open to cyber attacks.  But there can also be various actions that can bring cyber attackers to target a particular person or organization.  Very simple actions can result in a target being placed on the back of different entities.  For instance, the simple task of leaving a product review could potentially lead a cyber attacker to target that reviewer.

Why Someone May Be Hacked Over a Product Review

This may sound like quite a long shot, but attackers have targeted entities for much more trivial reasons.  It could come about because of what the person was reviewing, or the content of their review.  Some cyber attackers view themselves as above the law, or as regulators of the web.  So it could be as simple as a person leaving a review that is quite harsh and critical of a product, which then prompts an attacker to feel that they need to hack the person simply to “put them in their place.”  The malicious intent of attackers can have no bounds, so this is no real stretch for this to happen.

There have been instances in the past of people being hacked for quite ridiculous reasons.  Such as posting an article or statement which expresses an unpopular opinion, to which they are then hacked purely for having expressed their feelings upon a topic.  Given, individuals do not always post the most politically correct, or friendly things on the internet, but this most certainly does not warrant a cyber attack simply for a punitive or corrective purpose.  Alas, it does happen, even though it is unfortunate.

Product reviews can be very conducive to a company improving upon its wares or technology.  And while some may take it quite far in explaining how bad something is, reviews can overall provide a high level of feedback for a company.  For a person to be hacked simply because of being a critic or faultfinder of a product is ridiculous, and yet it is highly possible.  And the reality is that it is quite likely to continue happening.  There are always going to be those who have differing or critical opinions of products or services, and there are still going to be hackers out there with strange intents who feel that they need to be cyber vigilantes.

The Necessity of Comprehensive Cyber Security

This also brings up the point of overall cyber security.  Because of the insane and illogical reasons that attackers will attempt to hack or penetrate a person or company, the overall posture of cyber security has had to move into a much higher degree of defense.  Organizations are having to implement higher levels of security every single day, simply to prevent hackers from breaching for whatever reason.

Handling a Hack with Data Breach Solutions

Because of the above potentialities, it is critical that organizations be vigilant when it comes to cyber attacks.  A single breach can produce a wide variety of damage, including data and financial loss, as well as reputational and trust deterioration.  This is why it is important that in the event of an incident, an organization is able to quickly react by employing data breach solutions.  The quick and thorough handling of a breach is what can allow an organization to come back from it; otherwise, it could potentially cause them to fail if not addressed correctly.  Data breach solutions from Massive Alliance can help to immediately mitigate and respond to a breach, as well as assist an organization in beginning reparative actions.

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