Evil Twin Wi-Fi Attacks: Malicious Hotspots Being Used to Hack Your Personal Devices

Media Division | March 8, 2017

The methods that hackers will use to attempt breaches of individuals and organizations can range very widely.  They can set up direct hardware like card skimmers, or use remote connections to purloin data or launch malicious payloads.  With the advent of smart technology, there comes even further potential for exploit through the medium of Wi-Fi hotspots.

There can be several different exploits that can be employed over Wi-Fi.  A recent report went over the ability of hackers to gain backdoor access to individual’s smart devices through setting up a malicious twin network.  Essentially, what this means is that hackers can create a hotspot from their device, and portray it as a legitimate Wi-Fi provider or service.  This misleads individuals, bringing them to connect to it, and once they do, all of their details can then flow right to the hacker.   When a person connects to one of these fabricated networks, the attackers could potentially be able to steal passwords, financial information, sensitive data, eavesdrop on network traffic or even redirect the person to malicious sites containing malware or other threats.

Protecting Devices From Twin Networks

Wi-Fi has become an extremely large commodity within our modern society.  But it has also become so desired and expected that many disregard the security of Wi-Fi connections.  This can lead to disastrous consequences if connecting to the wrong network.  There are several things that can be done to help secure devices and organizations from malicious Wi-Fi networks, including:

  • Disconnecting Wi-Fi – When leaving the office or other secure networks, the Wi-Fi functionality of devices can be turned off for the time being. This helps to prevent potential automatic connection to unsecured networks.
  • Passwords – Always be sure to maintain password security. Do not give out passwords liberally.  Also, when it comes to network devices, never use the default password, but rather change it to something more complicated and secure.
  • Verification of Devices – Different devices can be manufactured with different levels of security. When looking to purchase new devices, or implement new technologies or systems into the network, be sure to verify the security of them.  Try and only employ devices with higher levels of security implemented in them from the manufacture.
  • Network Verification – Do not connect to networks that you are not familiar with or are unsure of. A hacker could pose their network as any respectable business, and so it is better to be safe than sorry.  Verify with the business which network is theirs if need be.

While Wi-Fi can provide an extremely large amount of convenience and accessibility, it can also be very vulnerable if not properly secured.  Being precautious about using unknown or unfamiliar networks can be a practice that helps to protect devices from being compromised.  Carelessly connecting to free or unsecured networks can not only put personal devices at risk but also organizations if the hacker were to access business networks or information through a company device.  When it comes to Wi-Fi networks, it is good to be suspicious as times, as it can be far too easy for a hacker to breach devices quickly once connected.

Protecting Your Consumers With Credit Card Feeds

Because of the way that hackers can exploit security holes, and piggyback or mimic established connections, it creates a situation where organizations must be vigilant when it comes to their consumers’ financial data.  Credit card information and other financial data can be very large targets for cyber attackers, and it must be thoroughly secured.  Credit card feeds can help an organization to receive intelligence in regard to attackers or threats that target this particular area, as well as data and alerts about any breaches that have occurred in other realms.  Massive Alliance offers credit card feeds that can help to ensure the safety of your organization and its consumers’ information.

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