Living in Fear: Are Cyber Threats Real or are They Being Exaggerated

Media Division | March 1, 2017

Cyber attacks are not uncommon in our days of highly implemented technology, and endless numbers of automated and computer run devices.  They are more prominent than ever and continue to happen every single day.  Cyber attacks can be of varying degrees of severity, depending upon the method of breach that they used, as well as their intended target or goal.

While it is true that cyber attacks have most definitely picked up speed as far as their frequency and ruthlessness, there is concern that the news and rumors of cyber attacks are being embellished.  Especially in the tailwinds of the Democratic National Convention hacking, cyber attacks have become a much more focused upon and feared matter.  But there have been many voiced concerns and accusations that the severity and methods of cyber attackers are being embellished for the purpose of benefitting certain businesses.  For instance, security software manufacturers and cyber security service providers can be benefitting from this increased fear of cyber attacks.

There are many different companies that preach about the advanced state and developments of cyber attacks in a way to bring fear of them.  And while it is true that there are very sophisticated cyber threats out there, a vast majority of attackers still employ older methods and tools for attacking.  For instance, phishing campaigns, which are one of the most common forms of cyber attacks, and have pretty much been around since the advent of the internet.

The Effectiveness of Advertised Security Softwares

There are definitely threats out there with advanced skills and techniques, but they do seem to be far less common than is propagandized by many businesses.  But it is also a concern of the effectiveness of these security softwares being offered as the solution.  Almost all of them will put forth that only their software can defend from these advanced threats, and yet how do you know which ones actually can?  Truly looking at it, the sophisticated attackers and threats with advanced methods and tools are often clever enough to bypass traditional reactive security methods.  And looking at even further, there are enough breaches resulting from the basic methods that some attackers may not even feel the need to deploy attacks like that, though this is no excuse to be lackadaisical about the potential.  But phishing for example can breach an organization and infect entire systems from simply one user error.  One single employee opening an email and clicking on a link or attachment can be all the attackers needs, and before they know it, they are paying thousands of dollars to unlock their system from ransomware.

And so while there may be some fear mongering from cyber security companies that goes on, this is not to say that the threats or potential are not there.  With so many critical systems, infrastructure, and businesses operating with large amounts of technology, these types of advanced threats cannot be regarded lightly.

The Importance of Cyber Threat Mitigation

With the advanced state that cyber attacks can potentially reach, it is important that businesses have proper defenses in place in general.  A single breach can cost a business significant losses of money, data, and reputation, which is why mitigation of threats is important.  Threats to particular organizations, types of businesses, or general criminal activity can arise and strike very quickly.  Having the ability to detect, and mitigate a breach or potential threat can be key to preventing damages from advanced and basic threats.  Cyber threat mitigation services from Massive Alliance can work to quickly resolve a breach or threat with an organization.

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