Security Flaws Displayed in Hacking of Popular Computer Game

Media Division | February 23, 2017

Online multiplayer games are more popular than ever in this age of high-tech computer rigs and impressive graphics.  But when it comes to online gaming, there has always been a recurring issue.  That issue being some individuals hacking or exploiting flaws in the game to cheat or gain an advantage.  There can always be varying reasons for an individual to hack or exploit a system.  In a recent hacking of the popular game, Counter Strike:Global Offense (CS:GO), the motive seems to be to display that the game could be hacked.

The Reasoning Behind the Hack

When players of CS:GO logged on this week, they were hit by a wall of text being spammed in the in-game lobbies.  Players had reported, and taken screenshots of the text, which was stating that in-game security issues were not being given the attention needed or being resolved by game creator, Valve.  The text goes on to say that in the current state, the game is unplayable, and accuses Valve of being more interested in getting money from the player base, rather than resolving these issues.  The hack exploited an in-game vulnerability and enabled them to spam several game lobbies, including private games repetitively for hours, and even days.

After the spamming had begun, Valve had made a statement in the Reddit thread that had reported the incident stating, “We have deployed a temporary solution to help mitigate the exploit. We will continue working on it throughout next week.” Unfortunately, in addition to launching their own barrage, the perpetrators also published the script for the hack, which enabled anyone to launch their own assault of text spam.  It is unclear whether the hackers actually achieved what they intended with this attack, as it is not exactly the best way to go about it.  Proper disclosure and reporting methods set up by game creators are generally the most successful way to communicate different issues or problems within a game.

Tracing An Attack with Cyber Investigation Services

The tricky aspect of cyber attacks is that organizations often do not have the ability to trace or know the source of them.  Being able to trace an attack back to the source allows for the ability to eliminate or mitigate that threat, as well as better understand it.  Proper cyber investigation services can vet the breach and attacker so that an organization can take further action against it, whether it be legal or otherwise.  Massive Alliance’s cyber investigation services can help to discover and take down the threat actor that breached an organization.

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