Wrong Turn Ahead: Advanced Vehicle Technology Could be Putting Your Safety at Risk

Media Division | February 22, 2017

The technological leaps that we make in our society every single year are beyond impressive.  Devices are being connected to the internet nowadays that were never thought possible.  This allows for a massive interconnection within our world and facilitates a multitude of different daily operations.  One of the major technological leaps in our society has been within the realm of connected vehicles.

The technology of vehicles has exploded widely over the past few years.  Improvements and added features have included Bluetooth car systems, built-in Wi-Fi, parking assist, backup cameras, etc.  And while these implemented features have been absolutely phenomenal and assistive, they of course also hold the one danger that any new technology does – potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber attackers.

Potential Exploits of Vehicle Tech

In fact, there have already been potential vulnerabilities discovered in different car tech.  For instance, a recent study from Kaspersky Labs was able to find that the car company mobile apps that allow an individual to connect to their vehicle and unlock it, turn off the alarm, or even start their car, have holes in their security that could be exploited.

Anti-malware researcher, Victor Chebyshev of Kaspersky Labs said in a statement at the RSA conference, “Applications for connected cars are not ready to withstand malware attacks. We expect that car manufacturers will have to go down the same road that banks have already taken with their applications… After multiple cases of attacks against banking apps, many banks have improved the security of their products.” Not only could these car connected apps within Android systems be compromised, but with many car systems operating on the same Android technology, it opens them up to the same vulnerabilities and exploits directly.

Another area of potential vulnerability is in insurance company’s ability to access connected cars to find data on acceleration, braking, and driving patterns and habits to assist in deciding upon premiums.  This could put the policyholder at risk, as access to data such as this could provide cyber criminals the details of an individual’s day to day driving patterns or path.  This type of exploit would also put the insurance company at risk.  With the high implementation of technology within vehicles, it makes it more important than ever for these car companies to ensure that this tech has proper protection and security in place from the initial manufacture and onward.

While these are just a few examples of the potential exploits that could befall these vehicle technologies, it communicates the point that with this tech being somewhat fresh, cyber security is still lacking.  As this technological implementation in vehicles becomes more prominent, they need to be more properly protected moving forward.

The Immense Value of Data Breach Solutions

Cyber security is a subject which is constantly in flux and evolving.  Due to the advancing and adaptive state of the threat landscape, cyber security must outdo those advances to stay ahead of threats.  But unfortunately, organizations can sometimes leave security holes unresolved or not resolved quick enough, and consequently become subject to a breach.  For instance, with the above vehicle tech flaws, a fleet of company cars or a car rental agency could potentially have their vehicles breached. A security breach can have disastrous consequences aside from purely financial loss.  Not only can funds and data be stolen, but there can also be reputational damage or trust lost from consumers. And while it is ideal that cyber security is maintained properly and these breaches avoided, data breach solutions need to be employed quickly in the event of one.  The proper handling of a breach is critical to the organization ever being able to recover from it.  Massive Alliance can provide data breach solutions that can help your organization to come back from the detrimental event of a cyber attack.

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