French Presidential Campaign Hit By Barrage of Suspected Russian Cyber Attacks

Media Division | February 20, 2017

With a large amount of illicit gains that can be obtained from a single cyber attack, they are becoming much more heavily employed by nation-states.  Nation state cyber attacks can have a variety of potential damages.  Valuable and privileged data and intelligence can be stolen, political organizations affected, and critical infrastructure targeted.  In a recent cyber attack on the French presidential campaign, it appears that the finger is yet again being pointed at Russia.

A barrage of attacks had been detected that were targeted toward a pro-Europe candidate, Emmanuel Macron, who is currently doing very well in the polls.  A spokesperson for Macron has pointed the finger at Moscow for the recent cyber attacks, which were directed at Macron’s email servers and campaign websites over the past month.  In an interview with Journal du Dimanche, Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault discusses the potential that Russia may be attempting to weaken Europe, stating “It is enough to look for which candidates, namely Marine Le Pen or François Fillon, Russia expresses preferences, in the French electoral campaign, while Emmanuel Macron, who develops a very European speech, undergoes cyber attacks. This form of interference in French democratic life is unacceptable and I denounce it.”

The Russian Group Being Accused of a String of Cyber Attacks

The accusations against Russia for cyber attacks have continued to accumulate.  There was the hacking of the DNC in the U.S. election, as well as attacks in Sweden, the Czech Republic, and other countries, in which Russia had the finger pointed at them.  The suspected Russian group in a majority of these cases is APT28, which also goes by several aliases.  There have been accusations from intelligence agencies of this group being connected to Russian authorities, though no concrete proof has been released thus far.

Staying Vigilant in the Prevention of Cyber Attacks

Of course, nation-state attacks are not the only form of cyber crime that is being perpetrated.  Thousands of organizations are being assaulted by cyber attacks everyday in attempts to breach their systems and steal data or funds.  In our modern age, the prevention of cyber attacks is a proposition which needs to have very focused attention within an organization.  Cyber attackers are more clever than ever, and simply going on the assumption that one’s organization will not be targeted is a dangerous mindset.  It is not a matter of size or content of an organization in many cases, and cyber criminals even target smaller businesses because they can be easier to breach.  Massive Alliance can offer a wide range of services to help your business prevent cyber attacks.

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