US Minor Admitted to Attempting Cyber Attack on Brussels Airport

Media Division | February 14, 2017

According to Belgian authorities, it has been discovered that a minor in Pittsburgh, PA had attempted to hack into the Brussels airport hours after the horrendous Isis linked bombings that had killed 32 people on March 22nd.  The authorities say that this was in an attempt to disable the airport systems.  According to media reports, the boy was 14 years of age and was of American nationality.  After having traced the attack to the youth in PA, the investigators then relayed the information to authorities in the United States.

Fortunately, the cyber attack had failed and resulted in no negative consequences.  Belgian officials collaborated with the FBI after the attack to be able to track the boy down.  The FBI conducted a search of the house in Pennsylvania, as well as an interrogation of the minor, who then had confessed to the attempted cyber attack.  According to the statement released, the interviews, seized computers, and further evidence indicate that there were no terrorist motives behind the attempted attack, regardless of the timing of the incident.  U.S. officials, such as the acting U.S. Attorney, Soo Song, and former U.S. attorney David Hickton, had declined to comment on the case, though Hickton had said that cyber hacking is a serious threat.

As of last Thursday, there had been no charges filed against the youth.  There has been no release as to whether they are seeking to press charges.  There has also been no further information released in regard to the suspect or the motivation behind the attack, which prosecutors have said is “in the interest of the investigation.”

Preventing Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are an extremely prominent threat in our technological society.  While this hacking may have been an isolated incident that fortunately was not successful, there are still a massive amount of malicious attackers among the cyberscape whose only intention is illicit acts against organizations.  With potential attackers consistently formulating ways to breach businesses and other organizations, it is critical that they are prepared before these attacks are placed.  Cyber security intelligence can help an organization to recognize and predict malicious threat patterns, and fortify against attacks before they are placed.  Cyber intelligence allows organizations to move their cyber security into a more proactive state.  Massive Alliance offers inclusive cyber intelligence systems that can defend your organization from these threats.

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