United Kingdom Being Heavily Barraged By Cyber Attacks Each Month

Media Division | February 13, 2017

New reports indicate that Britain is being targeted by around 60 significant cyber attacks a month.  According to Ciaran Martin, head of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), there had been 188 high-level attacks over the past three months, and that many of them threatened national security.  Chancellor Philip Hammond had also told the Sunday Telegraph that the NCSC had blocked 34,550 “potential attacks” on members of the public and government departments over the past 6 months, which is about 200 attempts a day.

Martin had also stated, “Over the last two years there has been a step change in Russian aggression in cyberspace. Part of that step change has been a series of attacks on political institutions, political parties, parliamentary organizations and that’s all very well evidenced by our international partners and widely accepted.”

Recent Prominence of Nation State Cyber Attacks

There has been a multitude of state-sponsored cyber attacks that have been causing the finger to be pointed at Russia based on intelligence investigations.  In the wake of the US presidential election hacking, these types of attacks have become a major focus.  Other attacks in which Russia has been suspected have included the hacking of Czech Republic diplomat’s emails, and the Norway governmental institution hacks.  A Russian group called APT 29 has been connected to a couple of the attacks including the US election and Norwegian attack.  Whether these hacking groups are connected to Russian authorities has not been unequivocally established, though it has been suspected by some intelligence agencies based on their findings.  According to the Sunday Times, the NCSC is investigating state-sponsored attacks from both Russia and China.  With the advanced state of cyber technology and the wide implementation of it, it is no surprise that nation-state groups are employing cyber attacks heavily.

How to Protect Your Business or Organization

Organizations have to remain more vigilant than ever when it comes to cyber attacks in our modern age.  Threat actors continue to attack more cleverly and aggressively, and so it is important to have the proper defenses in place against them.  Cyber attacks can cause a wide range of damage to an organization by resulting in loss of money, data, and reputation.  A single cyber attack of large magnitude could potentially ruin a business beyond recovery.  Massive Alliance can provide an array of services that can assist your organization in the prevention of cyber attacks.

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