NHS Websites Hacked by Isis Linked Group

Media Division | February 8, 2017

Political or nation state cyber attacks have become much more prominent in recent times, especially over the past few years.  Adversary nations, or terrorist and activist groups, employ these attacks to gain valuable intel, affect infrastructure or operations, or even purely to send a message.  In an attack three weeks ago, an Islamic group linked to Isis attacked websites of the National Health Service (NHS).

The group, called the Tunisian Fallaga Team, hit six NHS websites ranging from funding to childcare, of which two sites were severely damaged.  Once they had gotten in, the attackers left graphic and gruesome images of the Syrian civil war on the sites.  The cyber assault is believed to have been deliberately targeted toward the NHS, as opposed to being a random attack.  According to Khaled Fattal, head of cyber threat intelligence and security organization, the MLi Group, “We don’t think that these attacks on the NHS were random acts. They appear to be deliberately targeted at a British public institution and in particular at an institution dealing with something which affects every member of the public, their health. So of course, this is very worrying.”

Patient data was believed to be vulnerable during the attacks, but it does not appear that it had been compromised, nor is there any indication that patient safety had been put at risk.  This latest attack comes after a Government warning that the NHS was facing risk of cyber attacks.  Minister for the Cabinet Office, Ben Gummer, had stressed that the NHS and Government were being targeted by cyber attackers for the sensitive data that they hold.

Not the Tunisian Fallaga Team’s First Attack

Over the past 18 months, the Tunisian group has carried out cyber attacks on several different countries.  They seemed to become especially active after the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris, where they would focus on organizations that were condemning the journalist murders.  The also had infected a Jewish school website in north London in November of 2015.

No organization wants to be subject to a cyber attack, as they can sometimes cause irreparable damage.  Organizations in our modern age need to have proactive and formidable cyber security.  This is where cyber intelligence is an invaluable component to any business’s security.  Massive Alliance can provide cyber intelligence services that can help to make your organization impenetrable.

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