Cyber Investigations & Online Defamation

Media Division | January 18, 2017

Facing an online defamation attack of your image or business, you may or may not know who is spewing the false information and posting it on various locations on the web.

If you do the know factual source you have a point to go after. If you don’t, you may need some skilled Cyber Investigation help to track the source down. And even if you do know the source, you may have to forensically prove it, meaning gain the evidence you can use in a court of law in order to bring the campaign to an end.

How Does a Cyber Investigator Find the Source

As with any crime, it is detective work. It is a matter of finding a clue or clues and tracking them back. A detective at the scene of a crime, looks for finger prints, checks phone numbers dialed and received, looks at cameras and pictures. Because the criminal leaves clues behind, a good detective can find the scent he or she leaves behind. A careless whisper, a detail not cared for and the detective is on his tail.

A Cyber Investigator does the very same thing using the Cyber World to find his clues. People leave clues behind on the web, clues that can be traced.

For example, if you have a home you generally have a mailing address which the post office uses to send you mail. On the World Wide Web, any device connected to the Internet has an “IP” Address. It is a series of numbers that tells us your web address from wherever you are. When someone sends an email, or posts something on the web, the IP address can often be captured.

Unlike a mailing address knowing the numbers of an IP Address won’t tell you the location without going to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, etc. and you have to ask them. But they won’t give you the name of the account holder without a subpoena from a court of law. And to get one of those you need an attorney who has filed a lawsuit.

And the clever criminal will mask his IP address and so that makes the job a little harder still.

Another example are emails. An email sent from someone can be traced. Yes the email could be a fake email address. But here again, emails have hidden information not seen to the naked idea that give all manner of details about the email that a good Cyber Investigator working with a good attorney firm can use to trace its source.

There are many such clues a good Cyber Investigator in tandem with a well versed attorney in internet law can use to trace the source of a defamation campaign and bring it down.

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