The Latest Cyber Security Monitoring Platforms: What You Need to Know

Media Division | August 22, 2016

While your internal IT best practices, such as anti-virus software and firewalls, protect your business from the literally millions of cyber-attacks occurring each day, new cyber security monitoring platforms work proactively to safeguard your digital information.

Cyber Security Monitoring Handles Attacks Preemptively

Most cyber threats, though potentially crippling in nature, attack expansively: malware, phishing scams and so on, aimed at any business, large or small.  Before you dismiss malware and phishing scams as simply anti-virus software detectible, consider the studies showing the surprising success rates of phishing attacks.  While necessary corporate education provides the best defense against such schemes, cyber security monitoring platforms offer an additional level of security: following actionable attack intelligence in 26 languages to stay abreast of the latest attacks before they hit your system.

Specific attack technologies call for targeted protection.  The latest cyber security platforms monitor external attacks before your business is in the bull’s-eye of an attack.  DDoS attacks, DNS attacks, password hijacking and other deliberate, individualized system intrusions require additional security.

• DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks— an attack where your servers are intentionally overwhelmed with a flood of traffic, disrupting normal operation.

• DNS (Domain Name System)-based attacks— a variety of cyber-attack methods using the DNS port as an access point, or spoofing your DNS to divert traffic to hacker servers.

• Password hijacking—malware-based password eavesdropping or password-cracking techniques that grant hackers access to business operations.  “All access” passwords for IT professionals, corporate executives or systems operations, in particular, give hackers carte blanche access to servers and proprietary data.

Effective modern protection also monitors company and brand chatter (including dark web monitoring).  Just as the government espionage techniques monitor key-word chatter, corporate security technology with today’s cyber security monitoring platforms eavesdrop in the cyber-verse for your organization’s proprietary data.

Such attacks cripple business transactions and daily operations for the duration of the attack and until systems are restored, which can have lasting effects on the bottom line.  Should a company withstand the cyber-attack itself, the damage to one’s brand reputation might prove fatal to the business.

Espionage Protection

To combat other intentional assaults and incursions, top cyber security platforms monitor competitor-fueled offenses.  Particularly in the cutthroat industries of software and technology companies (not to mention the banking and financial sectors), corporate spying costs businesses billions.

Competitor-fueled attacks may include:

• Stolen research and marketing data, giving competitors an undue advantage.

• Stolen internal communications revealing executive agendas and other “leaked” documents.

• Stolen customer lists for targeted competition.

• Targeted attacks slowing or halting business operations for nefarious purposes.

• Compromised data security leading to reputation damage and consumer insecurity.

• Breach of employee or financial records, which alone have a value on the cyber black market.

• Stolen copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise “protected” data or IP infringement.  Even protected data can still be shared in virtually untraceable methods, rendering enforcement and litigation unlikely.  Before you exclaim, “but that data is copyright protected!” consider the world of the film industry, where severe artistic-preservation tactics still prove largely ineffective.  Consider also the volume of data and work in your company that is not copyrightable.

Armed with knowledge of the data breach possibilities, combined with understanding cyber security monitoring capabilities, your business can better proactively fight against such intrusions.  A team with the latest broad cyber security feed, together with the specialized personnel and cutting-edge technology, combats such attacks before they find your business, but can also inspect and retroactively prepare your organization for 21st century threat prevention, loss management and rapid attack recovery or repair.

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