4 Key Strategies To Effectively Deal With Negative Publicity

Brook Zimmatore | March 27, 2015

You’re aware that the internet has become a very powerful tool for publicity, right?

Amongst all the talk of how to leverage this in one’s favor, companies often neglect the other side of the equation – negative publicity.

As an SME or a large organization in any industry, negative publicity can damage your business reputation and cost you clients, yet it’s one of the caveats of being open to the public.

Can you mitigate reputation damage, and even turn negative publicity in your favor? Here are some key strategies for dealing with negative publicity, quickly and effectively.

Don’t fight hate with hate

Sometimes, you need to be strategic with your response to negative press. One of the best things you can do is avoid responding in a negative way when dealing with your detractors. This can make them behave outlandishly, and the face of your criticism will lose their credibility.

Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate the comment or news as it helps you craft a better response, resulting in a better outcome. Try not to get the last word in; one this process starts, it becomes a race to the bottom.

Position yourself as a problem solver

Don’t miss the opportunity to collect feedback when you’re facing negative press. Additionally, if a lot of bad news is posted against your company, you should analyze it. Feedback is one of the areas where democracy should prevail. If majority of the media says your strategy needs improvement, listen to them. They’re probably right.

Subsequently, take it as an opportunity to build better relationships by coming up with a solution. By solving problems, you can turn negative publicity into positive experiences. Whatever action you take should put you in a better position for recovery and success.

Reverse search engine optimization

Let’s be honest: Solving problems is going to take some time, but you can’t afford to see your business reputation getting damaged. One thing you can do while you address issues that lead to negative publicity is use reverse search engine optimization to push off negative press from the front pages of search engines.

Here’s why: the vast majority of queries never go beyond the first few pages of search results, and having negative press to pop up on these pages is the last thing you want. As a result, you want to deal with negative reports before they achieve a high hit-rate. Ideally, you would want to optimize positive opinions about your business so they rank over negative press. You can also ask your supporters to speak on your behalf. This is a great way to outperform negative publicity.

Use negative publicity to your advantage

If you’ve received negative publicity for committing a mistake, people will place their trust in your company if it owns up to any issues, rather than if it attempts to cover up what happened. Make a strong case for your point of view to use negative publicity to your advantage.

Rest assured that by following this strategy, you will draw a number of new visitors, who will turn into brand advocates because of your company’s honesty towards negative press. So with some level-headedness and preparation, negative publicity doesn’t have to be a drag on your company.

Companies, apart from implementing these strategies, can leverage the option of a reputation management firm for addressing negative publicity. Such companies will complete removal of any online defamation, slander or lies from public view, ensuring they don’t impact the sales, revenue, or the reputation of your business.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.