Importance Of Reputation Management For The Insurance Industry

Brook Zimmatore | March 20, 2015

As seen in various parts of the globe, there is a growing customer awareness about the operation of insurance companies. This has caused a shift towards a market in which customer choice becomes the defining factor in selection of a company. The reputation of an insurance firm plays a critical role in this selection.

A report published by IPSOS revealed that credit, investment, banking and insurance are some of the worst performing industries when categorized by trust. The findings demonstrate the uphill battle the insurance industry continues to face when it comes to changing public perception. While combating the trend can be challenging, ignorance is not an option as it would be detrimental to the industry and worsen reputations further.

The focus should be on online reputation

A lot of insurance companies use the web to advertise their services. In this particular case, their names are there for the taking and being published on review sites. These are sites on which any customer can publish a review about a company. The concept is based on digital democracy and assists customers to find the best service.

However, control mechanisms on review sites are weak, and on some, they don’t even exist. As a result, a person can write a negative review for false purposes in an attempt to tarnish your reputation. What’s worrying is that these review sites rank well in search engines, especially for keywords associated with business names. So if someone researching an insurance firm types the name of the firm, the bad review will be right up there in search results.

The solution? You need services that suppress and remove negative reviews and cleanup fake ones left by competitors to gain control of your digital footprint.

Social media can lead to controversies

When promoting their services, insurance organizations will target audience on social networks. Progressive, for example, established the social presence for their brand face ‘Flo’. The Facebook presence of the insurance company’s character is whimsical and engaging, and any posted update receives a great response.

At the same time, trolling, cyber bullying, and abuse is becoming common on social media. As there is a larger conversation going on, any hate content or opinion can spread quickly and cause damage to your reputation, even if it is a false attempt.

To prevent this from happening, insurance companies need mitigation options from reputation management firms to stop hate speech on social media targeting your firm.

Company mentions can come from anywhere

Negative mentions can appear in news listings, forums, and comments sections on other blogs. These can lead to poor conversions and affect the sales of the company. According to our own research, unwanted search results can reduce the business by 80 percent.

A news site in particular can be a leading source of reputation damage in case of negative PR as the results get picked up by several press release sites. As a result, it is important to remove or suppress negative mentions.

What can you do?

Controlling and dictating your media mentions and overall reputation in Google and other search engines is possible via Massive’s reputation management services. We fortify your business image by monitoring your reputation in all corners of the web, helping you keep your fingers on the pulse of every mention of your key asset or business.

Our forensic approach to reputation management provides you options to remove hate content, slander or libel across the internet. No matter what the language or location, we can help you get back into the good books of your customers. You can find out more here.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.